Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jogjakarta Photo Diary: Taman Sari Water Castle

The Taman Sari Water Castle is located near the Royal Palace, which we didn't get to visit because it was already closed when we got there, within the Kraton. After buying our entrance tickets, we were greeted by one of the tour guides lined up to meet visitors at the entrance. Our assigned tour guide promptly started the tour of the castle grounds.

We really had not idea of the history of the water castle prior to our visit. So, it was interesting to learn that it used to house Sultan's concubines/mistresses and family and he spends his time there when he is not busy with boring task of actually ruling a sultanate.

The castle has many chambers that serve as living quarters of the Sultan's concubines, family, and the Sultan himself. The main attraction to me was the bathing area where the sultan's mistresses would bathe and get chosen. Imagine the competition!

We were led to the castle's living quarters, kitchen, and courtyard.

Our guide also took us to the settlement surrounding the castle complex where some residents are still into batik-printing and other traditional art and crafts (we saw one making a puppet handicraft). Our guide led us to an art store owned by his brother and sells beautiful and intricate batik paintings. Apparently, our guide paints, too. He has some hand-painted postcards and large-scale paintings on display. Jini bought an artwork; I bought none.

We picked a leaf of a lime tree because it smelled so good and refreshing at one of the settlement residents' yard. The tour ended with some temples in the complex.

We took a stroll in the old city, had lunch at a museum slash restaurant (peanut sauce na naman lol), and then went to Prambanan Temple Complex (next post)!

x Roanjean