Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jogjakarta Photo Diary: Taman Sari Water Castle

The Taman Sari Water Castle is located near the Royal Palace, which we didn't get to visit because it was already closed when we got there, within the Kraton. After buying our entrance tickets, we were greeted by one of the tour guides lined up to meet visitors at the entrance. Our assigned tour guide promptly started the tour of the castle grounds.

We really had not idea of the history of the water castle prior to our visit. So, it was interesting to learn that it used to house Sultan's concubines/mistresses and family and he spends his time there when he is not busy with boring task of actually ruling a sultanate.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jogjakarta Photo Diary: With Locals / Daily Life

The Jogjakarta trip July of last year was a memorable one: it was my first international travel.

It was also my birthday.

My friend, Jini, and I were lucky to have grabbed seats sales to Jakarta and Bangkok (which we would later take on November) from Cebu Pacific Air sometime in January. We just bought these two one-way tickets and worried about the return flight later on.

Manila to Jakarta was an evening flight and Jakarta to Jogjakarta was an early morning one the following day. We met a fellow Filipino in Jakarta who happily took photos with us under "Welcome to Jakarta" signs ("Souvenir!"). Her flight to Bali was also early in the morning, so we chatted up about her life, love life, and grown-up kids at a friend chicken joint outside the airport to kill time. When asked why she's travelling alone (she's meeting up with former colleagues/friends in Bali, though), she said her husband has flight sickness.

Jogjakarta feels familiar and foreign at the same time. Flying over it before touchdown, you would notice their roof's uniformity in colour and design, unlike most of the cities' roofs in the Philippines that are as confused as our identity.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Year I Got Drugged and Other Memories

The previous year was the year I totally lost control and just broke down. Just thinking about it right now still gives me the feels, albeit faint, I wish I'd already left behind. 2015 was a difficult year for me that I wish it never happened. But, quite honestly, it's still one of the most important pages of my life I won't allow myself to be ungrateful of.

It was the year my long-term relationship ended. I thought I was prepared for its end but when it did, I didn't know what to do. I was surviving, somehow, by burying myself with work. Then, problems back home and at work came up. I thought I was doing well but with that final blow at work, all the chaos in my head that I'd been keeping at bay eventually blew up. They well reminded me how emotionally fragile I actually was.