Saturday, August 8, 2015

7 Things I Wish I Learned Earlier in Life

Some days I feel I've gotten around this overrated thing called adulthood, most days (especially the past year) face-palming is a frequent occurrence. I even suspect my face and hands have formed a special relationship and decided to make babies called pimples.

I just turned 30 (!!!) last month. And while it did not particularly thrust me to I'm-seriously-old panicky state, that milestone definitely sent me to serious throwback reflecting. I've never done and been to anywhere much, and my life has never been that interesting enough so I wish this list is longer and more profound. But I'm looking forward to doing more adventures and learning & unlearning and grow this list when I'm older and more wrinkly.

  • Forgive my parents, especially my father, for what they did and did not do. I wouldn't have any other (by blood, at least) and wish I realised earlier they just did the best they could.

  • Wear sunscreen. Not just during beach trips. I've heard of Baz Luhrmann's advice a long time ago but I wasn't really concerned of how I looked before. And I now sort of do? Sometimes???

  • It's not always my fault.

  • Most situations aren't as scary as I imagined them. Be a little brave.

  • I can't draw my self-esteem from other people.

  • People can be the best and worst than I ever thought they'd ever be. And take no bullshit from the latter.

  • Ride a bike. Still couldn't but not giving up!

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    So I guess this is my 'Hey, I'm blogging again, world!' post.

    x Roanjean