Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sinulog 2014: Faces and Scenes


This may be a little bit too late but let me share some photos I took from this year's Sinulog. I was just at the sidelines, among the crowd, so I'll have to make do with what I could capture where I was.

Before heading out, which was already noon, I already had an idea what I wanted to take photos of. I didn't have a photographer's pass, which gives you full "photographic access" to events and participants, so I knew I wouldn't be able to take good ones up close and in detail. I resolved on taking more photos of the crowd and surroundings instead. I wish I took photos of people taking photos of themselves, though, because there were a lot!

Sinulog 2014 photo Sinulog_zps49f97e46.jpg
I'm not sure if this man was drunk. 

 photo IMG_7130_zpsa0745f21.jpg
Bee kid on a unicorn having a scratch.

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_7179-1_zpsdd2a2e4a.jpg
Father and son moment.

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_6853-1_zps153a1f2d.jpg
Magellan and Lapu-lapu fight re-enactment. 

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_6946_zps1b85dcaf.jpg
Festival Queen.

The original plan was just to hole up during Sinulog Grand Parade. A week before Sinulog, my friends over at Wandering Totes (check them out!) asked if I could write something travel-related. The only big travel I did last year was going to Sagada for my birthday, which I've already written about, so I didn't have new material to share. Then, I realised it's Sinulog season, so why not share something about the festival instead?

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_7034-1_zps6754742f.jpg

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_7105_zpseb937c18.jpg
One of many barbecue stalls in Fuente OsmeƱa Circle.

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_6797-1_zps092e22e9.jpg
Rollerskate exhibition.

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_6957-1_zps9357bc3e.jpg
Roses on her head.

Visit Wandering Totes to read the Sinulog guest post and other travel- and craft-related goodness!

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_6898_zps4deab6b2.jpg
Festival Queens have one of the toughest jobs during Sinulog.

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_6956_zps85cdde90.jpg
Sinulog couture.

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_6928_zps9f1ff9c5.jpg

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_6813-1_zpsd96144c7.jpg

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_6863_zpsd9167c8a.jpg

Sinulog 2014 photo IMG_7086-1_zps46f298df.jpg
'Tis the season for Sinulog henna tattoos.

Have a great weekend!

x Roanjean