Thursday, January 2, 2014

50 Books for 2013 (but just read 24, really)

Setting up myself to read 50 books for the year (c/o Goodreads) was quite ambitious. I should know as I knew there's a possibility I'd get lazy mid-way through. But as someone who doesn't set high expectations on anyone, I likewise did not pressure myself that I should read 50, but I could. I thought it would be great to set a higher goal and if I actually achieved it, that would be totally amazing. At some point, I even thought of "cheating" my way through by reading more comic books, graphic novels, and kids'/YA books, lol.

The number of books to read was motivated by the desire to spend less and save more, so I could travel or buy a gadget. Sometime mid-year, however, there were some changes work-wise, so plans got busted and uncertainties crept up. Around this time, if I recall correctly, reading slowed down.

Anyway, I trudged on and managed to finish 24 books by the end of the year. I've started more than that and I promise to get on with the unfinished ones this year. I'm glad I even had time to read and enjoy these books.

Books read on 2013 photo Books2013-1_zps1a6ac873.jpg