Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The last time I posted outfit photos here was around 2 years ago. I became overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin around that time. I then swore to lose  weight and return to posting self-portraits once I've shed 30 pounds. Last year, I lost at least 10 pounds, plantar fasciitis completely gone, and felt healthy.

After Milo Marathon (I ran 10K) last year, I wasn't that interested in running anymore. In fact, I didn't even properly train for that 10K run. I just did pilates and yoga, and decided to just wing it come race day. I expected to finish slower compared to the previous year but surprisingly, I even shaved off 3 minutes and finished with an improved time. The difference between my first and second MIlo 10Ks, aside from not training for it, was the mindset. There were happy thoughts and zero expectations this time. I guess a stronger core and controlled, relaxed breathing greatly helped, too.

As I said, I didn't run anymore post-Milo Marathon 2013. Although an improved finished time inspired me to consider joining Cebu Marathon 2014, work schedule wasn't cooperative. Then came, of course, the holiday season. While I still exercised, it was not enough to help me shed off more pounds.

 photo IMG_7250_zps5b077220.jpg

Now, I'm still overweight and might have gained that 10 pounds back and more (I have stopped weighing myself). I am not eating healthy as often as I want but generally a little at peace with my body. Yes, I still want to be leaner, most especially stronger and healthier, but I won't go into it if my mind isn't in the right place. I'm trying to get back on track at the moment, doing DIY boxing and kickboxing at home and starting on pilates and yoga again. However, I don't do them frequently enough and still consume more than I could burn off.

Every day is an opportunity for me to kick my lazy ass and just be a little more of what I want to be. I still look forward to running again - bearing enough passion and motivation - but this time, I want to finally do trails. I love trees greenery nature and enjoy running or walking in them.

 photo IMG_7239_zps9e595575.jpg

And, while I'm not yet 30 pounds lighter, I'm posting these ~outfit photos~ anyway. I wore this to do some errands with Ed and while I was getting ready, I thought "Why am I dressing like a 17-year old? For cheese's sake, I'm nearing 30!" This was one of those off days that I dress quite immaturely, but I promise most days I don't and I'm just one of your ordinary-looking people in the streets. I allow myself to get a liiiittle crazy (or inappropriately dressed for my age) sometimes because five working days are already enough for me to look like a normal, appropriately-dressed adult.

 photo IMG_7241_zps5ef86452.jpg
Thrifted men's polo shirt
Forever 21 skirt
Converse Chuck Taylors

By the way, as what the post title suggests, these photos were taken at the house's rooftop. I've never been on a rooftop before so being here was quite a thrill. I just wish the boyfriend took me here sooner!

x Roanjean