Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mooshi Green Smoothie + Juice Bar

The juicing sorcery is officially upon us.

In Cebu City, that is.

A year or so ago, I heard of Juju Cleanse and wanted to try out this ridiculously intriguing way of losing (water) weight and ~detoxifying~ our body. See, I was seriously overweight (still am though, lol) and wanted to jump start the whole losing weight thing with juicing. I actually thought I could survive a day without my beloved rice and fried and oily protein! I emailed Juju Cleanse and got disheartened when I find out that the shipping fee to Cebu would almost double the cost of the whole program. So I said "Well, fvck it. I'll make my own then."

But I didn't come around to juicing because juicers were beyond my budget. It's also messy to make, and look at all those insoluble fiber going to waste! So I decided to go the smoothie route. The boyfriend bought a blender and I started to scour the net for recipes I could copy. Most of the time, I just experiment and dump ingredients I thought would taste good together.

Despite being able to make my own smoothies and salads, I still hoped there'd be a Juju Cleanse Cebu version. I would even comment on their Instagram to open a store (Juju Eats!!!) in Cebu plz.

So when I found Mooshi at the BTC Food Market, there was an obvious excitement. I tried Kale Mooshi - juiced kale, apple, and some other ingredients topped with chia seeds - and quite liked it.

 photo IMG_3981_zps2fe1727d.jpg