Sunday, September 29, 2013

6 Productivity Tools and Apps that Help Me Remember and Get Things Done

Everyone needs a little help, even someone who thinks she's self-sufficient and retentive like me. I still write things down on my little notebook and try to keep things in memory. But I've come to terms that my memory sometimes fails me (LOL old age I think) (I sometimes forget something a few seconds I thought of them!) and that I may need the aid of technology on some tasks.

So I put together a list of tools and apps I use regularly to keep me on track, get shit done, and keep things a tad organised.


This is one of the best productivity tool out there. It's the one I use for almost all of my important note-taking or, more accurately, copy-pasting from the web. Evernote is where I store my account passwords, recipes, and itinerary drafts. I know it has some other nifty, cool features but I only use the basics. Right now, Evernote has a new digitised Post-It feature that I am yet to figure out, lol.

Evernote photo Evernote-recipenotebook_zps8b4efd00.png
Evernote photo evernote_zpsd9dddfd0.png
 photo evernote-postit_zps2783c2f3.png


I got introduced to Dropbox when I started doing freelance work. It has then become my main storage box for important client and personal files. I actually also have Google Drive, which has a larger capacity, but I find it too slow to update (or there's just something wrong with the file it is trying to sync). Because I got introduced to Dropbox first, I am staying loyal to it at the moment.

Dropbox photo Dropbox_zpse38b0018.png


I used to make my grocery list on a mini-notebook, then on my phone's Notes, until I decided to try out an actual app for it instead. This is pretty much my #donyaproblems app.

 photo Groceries_zps97b730d6.png


Similar to grocery lists, I took note of my finances on a mini-notebook until I decided to use a mobile app for them. My previous budget tracker was Spending Tracker and recently changed to Wally. Spending Tracker was simple and easy to use but when I saw Wally, which has cute-sy colours and better design, I went for it. It's not as easy to use as Spending Tracker (a lot more clicks and navigation to do) but I can live with it as long as it's pretty, hehe.

Wally photo wally_zps1fa3fa09.png

Canimals Diary

Speaking of cute and pretty, Canimals Diary is one of my super favourites. Despite being not updated (ever) and spelling Return as 'Retrun', look at those stickers! I live for cute stickers!

It allows me to track the first day of my monthly period (this is very important because my brain just seems to not have a place for remembering these things) and even when I had a smooth bowel movement.

Canimals Diary photo canimals2_zpsbccc35e5.png
 photo canimals1_zpsafced966.png

Blogilates Calendar

This isn't actually a productivity tool or app but Cassey Ho's Blogilates monthly calendar makes me feel productive and not a fatso. I only learned about and followed Blogilates around three or four months ago and her fitness calendar has helped me lose a few pounds and strengthen my core a bit. I am often annoyed by sunshine-y, perky people but I was rather surprised at myself that I wasn't at her. Her workouts are quite fun and challenging, actually. She has her own fitness app, too.

As you can see, I have a lot of X's for when I was just not up for it. Sometimes, I just couldn't be bothered doing cardio. But whenever I do her workouts, I feel strong and accomplished at the end.

Blogilates calendar photo sept-2013-cropped_zps3b1d3fed.jpg

Do you also have your favourite productivity tools? Share!

x Roanjean