Thursday, August 1, 2013

Phoneographie: Sagada Trip 2013

While I still trudge on sorting and editing Sagada photos from the "proper" camera, here are some I snapped from my phone.

 photo sagada3_zps2fcda5c0.jpg
 photo sagada1_zps668b51cb.jpg
 photo sagada2_zps06007181.jpg
^Views of the mountain municipality

 photo sagada7_zps0b8d90b3.jpg
^Strawberry and granola yogurt from Yoghurt House. The boyfriend liked it which is nice because he thinks yogurt tastes like armpits.

Sagada photo sagada19_zps7762cd7d.jpg
^Pines for days! This is near St. Mary's School and a huge field

Sagada photo sagada23_zpsfa2663ce.jpg
^A cluster of moss on a shrub at Kiltepan Peak

 photo sagada4_zps87298539.jpg
^View of Sagada terraces from Kiltepan Peak

 photo sagada9_zpsc1dd7726.jpg
^"Marlboro Country" trek

Sagada photo sagada20_zps2c3c2f5f.jpg
^Valley of the dead

Sagada photo sagada26_zps38d51f7b.jpg
^Trek to "Marlboro Country"

 photo sagada17_zpsc490653b.jpg
^Glorious pine trees at Kiltepan Peak at sunrise

 photo sagada12_zpsa073623a.jpg
^Bright blue against a backdrop of green

Sagada photo sagada27_zps279434cb.jpg
^Cloudy sunrise at Kiltepan Peak

 photo sagada14_zps00a79b11.jpg
^Furry friend bathing in morning sunshine at Rock Inn

Log Cabin Cafe, Sagada photo sagada24_zpsd5868bf8.jpg
^Got to have dinner at Log Cabin!

 photo sagada6_zpsb995f2a6.jpg
^Yogurt with banana, granola, and strawberry and mulberry preserves + my favourite mountain tea, which I always have when I eat in Sagada

 photo sagada15_zps1b13e145.jpg
^Backside of the Sagada Weaving building

 photo sagada10_zps635d5f7c.jpg
^Buzzzzz! (I was trying to take a photo of this flower that looks like what we have girls when this bee came approaching)

 photo sagada11_zpsd8db8ca8.jpg
^Wild strawberries!!! I ate two mehehe

 photo sagada5_zps158b12aa.jpg
^Using my beanies as mitts because I am yet to get used to the cold (the girl who gave us our bill was in spaghetti-strapped dress *sobs*)

 photo sagada16_zpsc89264b8.jpg
^Finally got to use this pair for what it's actually for (well, it's for trail running and I used it for trail walking/trekking, which is kind of the same thing only slower, amirite?)

Sagada photo sagada25_zpsd66a0cdd.jpg
^My beanie full of things I picked up and out along the trail

Sagada photo sagada22_zps7d558057.jpg
^An abundance of bees. Again, I was taking a photo of these lovely pink things when this bee decided it would definitely make this picture extra groovy!


 photo sagada13_zpscda05731.jpg
^Favourite facial expression ever!!!

(I told myself to blog about this trip before July ends and of course, I didn't.  WHAT'S NEW.)


x Roanjean