Friday, April 26, 2013

Breaking In

Well, I now have a tiny bit of confidence to post head-to-toe photos of myself after losing at least 10 lbs. of excess weight so far.

I had my hair cut yesterday because, despite my desire of having mermaid hair, I just couldn't bear the summer heat and the fuss of keeping my hair long. Sure, I could tie it in a bun (I always did) but I just gave up on the idea, I guess. Heat sometimes precipitates desires, I tell you.

Also yesterday: Post-Iron Man 3 (so much lolz), the boyfriend bought me a new pair of running shoes. So generous, amirite. We got it with a discount because Runnr has on-going promo where you can get a pair for a Php1,000 discount if you donate an old (still in wearable condition) singlet. I chose Brooks Pure Grit because it's designed for trails and I want to learn to tackle them.

I broke in the shoes earlier today for grocery duties. Hee.

Brooks Pure Grit photo brookspuregrit_zps7956cffb.jpg

Outfit photo photo41_zps0a1ef48e.jpg
Outfit photo brown1_zps5f7d0921.jpg

Have a great weekend!

x Roanjean