Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All the movies I watched in 2012

At the onset of 2012, I decided to make another goal for the year after I did 20 Books for 2011. This it'll be movies. And how ambitious of me to set up a goal to watch 212 movies for 2012. Two hundred and twelve!  That's like 6 movies or more per week, what was I thinking. It's achievable if I just holed up my arse at home and couch-potatoed the entire year. But of course, I didn't. Also, marathons on Lost, Game of Thrones and other TV series ate up what could have been movie times. By the last quarter of the year, I was only at around 50 and knew I wouldn't make it. So I just watched what I could and added them to the list.

Here are 86 the movies I watched in 2012:

 Body Snatchers
♛ Never Let Me Go
♛ Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
♛ Sucker Punch
♛ Baby Mama
♛ My One and Only
♛ Underworld: Awakening
♛ Beastly
♛ Diary of a Nymphomaniac
♛ Capitalism: A Love Story
♛ Dazed and Confused
♛ The Vow
♛ Paris, Je T'Aime
♛ My Life in Ruins
♛ Desert Flower
♛ Midnight in Paris
♛ The Adventures of Tintin
♛ Kick-Ass
♛ Rosemary's Baby
♛ Dayo
♛ Just Go With It
♛ The Hunger Games
♛ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
♛ Contraband
♛ The Avengers
♛ Priest
♛ Burlesque
♛ Semi-Pro
♛ Hugo
♛ Dumplings
♛ Battle Royale
♛ Finding Forrester
♛ Crazy, Stupid, Love
♛ Everybody's Fine
♛ My Neighbor Totoro
♛ Pitch Black
♛ Greenberg
♛ Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
♛ 21 Jump Street
♛ Men in Black 3
♛ Rise of the Planet of the Apes
♛ Letters to Juliet
♛ Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
♛ Medianeras
♛ The Amazing Spider-Man
♛ Fast Food Nation
♛ One Day
♛ Forks Over Knives
♛ Food Matters
♛ Hungry for Change
♛ Magic Mike
♛ Julie and Julia
♛ The Dark Knight Rises
♛ Morning Glory
♛ The Bourne Ultimatum
♛ The Dictator
♛ Snow White and the Huntsman
♛ The Bourne Legacy
♛ Fargo
♛ Colorful
♛ Permanent Nobara
♛ No Other Woman
♛ The Expendables 2
♛ Requiem for a Dream
♛ Secrets of the Superbrands
♛ A Few Good Men
♛ Memento
♛ The Runaways
♛ Little Miss Sunshine (re-watch)
♛ The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Treader
♛ Safe House
♛ Katy Perry: Part of Me
♛ Soldiers of Fortune
♛ Atmen
♛ The Secret in Their Eyes
♛ African Cats
♛ Taken 2
♛ Without Limits
♛ Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
♛ Skyfall
♛ Looper
♛ My Paranormal Romance
♛ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
♛ Sisterakas
♛ One More Try
♛ The 5-Year Engagement

The ones in large fonts are my favorites. There are many others that I liked but those were the ones that killed it for me. Yes even Katy Perry.

This year, I think I'll do TV series and books (again). I guess I'll have 13 seasons of TV series and 30+ books. Why do I do this? Well, let's just say this is my way of making sure I could save up more for something Ed and I are looking forward to buy this year and maybe, uhhh, start something like an emergency fund? #adultproblemz


x Roanjean