Sunday, July 29, 2012

Red Cross Cebu Humanity Race 2012

If it looks like we join fun runs once every month, we do. The boyfriend has set a running goal for this year while I just try to be healthy and lose weight.

Sleep was elusive until around midnight so I only had around 3 hours of sleep that left me groggy and a bit irritated waking up at a little past 3:00am. I even thought I'd blow this one - maybe faint or something horrible - due to lack of sleep. But hooray, adrenaline reigned.

The following were running in my head while waiting for gun start:

  • Where in the race route will it stink?
  • I hope I ain't gonna collapse, bro. Even when this is by Red Cross.
  • How many calories will I burn?
  • My feet're gonna be hell after this omg
  • It's either I'm no longer running this distance or I'll try longer distances if I do well today
  • I want to chicken dance!

Ed was more prepared with his 16K since he ran the same distance during Run for Pinoy Glory. I, on the other hand, had only ran 5K on the previous fun run and will now try 8K. My anxiety was fueled all the more because practice running, er.. jogging, at the Abellana track bored (/bores) me to death. My practice time was around an hour and twenty. What if I'm not prepared enough?

But I gotta do what I gotta do. Hustle, never give up, and not be too hard on myself. I was here to prove myself I could be fitter and stronger, physically and emotionally. I have to stop being fat already.

You know what sucks? You're not halfway the run yet and some runners were already on their way back. For a moment you think you suck but then you'd suck even more if you won't push through. I couldn't help but compare myself to them. But then again, they've spent more time than me trying to be faster and stronger. I had to mind my business and just keep moving forward.

I finished in 1 hour and 11 minutes.

Red Cross-Cebu Humanity Race 2012
Red Cross-Cebu Humanity Race 2012

Ed finished 16K with 1 hour and 55 minutes, 3 minutes better than the previous.

Red Cross-Cebu Humanity Race 2012
Red Cross-Cebu Humanity Race 2012

I'm happy I ended with a much better time than my usual during practice. Perhaps when you're in the actual run, your mindset changes. You get more competitive and do your best. You're more pumped up. I think that's what happened to me. Plus the adrenaline, weather (gloomy w/ cool air), and I wasn't bored. Thank you endorphins, too.

Red Cross-Cebu Humanity Race 2012Red Cross-Cebu Humanity Race 2012

I have a thing with fun runs though. Not really the run per se, but the participants. Why do we not properly dispose our trash? We try to have healthy bodies but disregard our surroundings? Trash cans are provided at the water stations and holding our empty plastic cups until the next one isn't much of an effort, I think. It isn't that hard to look for bins and properly dispose our trash, too.

Red Cross-Cebu Humanity Race 2012
Red Cross-Cebu Humanity Race 2012

On the brighter side of things: breakfast. Big breakfast.

French toast and ham & cheese omeletChamomile tea

Have a great week ahead!

x Roan

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Phoneographie: Life, birthday & some pictures

You could say I live a hermetic life. I work from home so I almost always don't get dressed up to get something done. The only times I get to haul my bum out of my work chair and/or couch are movie dates, grown-up errands (trips to the bank & payment centers which I incredibly hate), trips to the supermarket, shopping dates (seldom), and chill-out/dinner w/ friends when I'm feeling social (also seldom).

This routine may be boring to most but I'm perfectly fine with the set up. So, I guess that makes me a boring person, haha. You know what I think? I think my crazy self is being dormant right now. I've had my share of being completely mental and going on spontaneous trips with friends so maybe I've mellowed down a bit. Oh geez I hope it's not because of age.

Speaking of age, I turned 27 on July 11. 7/11. Very convenience store, lulz. The boyfriend wanted to have lunch date w/ friends that afternoon. But since he needed to be early for work the next day and I wasn't feeling well and all so I just told him to take out food. Confession: I'm not used to celebrating my birthdays so people and songs and things make me nervous and awkward.

The boyfriend and I had a hefty Mexican lunch at home. I got to make a wish and blow a candle, too. Most importantly, there's cake. (I told my boss I wasn't feeling well that day "but I ate cake so yey!" FACEPALM MOMENT.)

So that's about my little birthday and off to the rest of the week...

birthday cakeHuman Nature haul
Birthday cake says Roanjean. Maybe I could make that legal. // Haul from Human Nature. I love them!

phone pouch granny vibesjogging
Phone pouch granny vibez // Resting at the sidelines post-jog at CCSC

Kalel 1Kalel 2
Having fun with WayCooler's monster stickers on our dog, teehee.

polka dot fabricsSpice Fusion
This afternoon: polka dot lovelies in a fabric store and lunch at Spice Fusion (serving the food took forever omg)

I hope to take "proper" photos next time. Oh, camera phones are just so convenient!

x Roan

Monday, July 9, 2012

Over the Weekend

Last Saturday, Ed and I joined Run for Pinoy raised from this run will be for the benefit of the Philippine Olympic team. Ed ran 16K while I did 5K.

Run for Pinoy Glory 2012

Cooked Vietnamese chicken curry for breakfast on Sunday. Sadly, it looked like caldereta and not as creamy. I suspect it was the coconut milk I used. I've cooked the same curry before and it was sooo good. I felt a little heartbroken when the latest wasn't as good.

Vietnamese chicken curry, Asian Home Gourmet

I love Asian Home Gourmet's spice pastes! Using their spice pastes makes cooking curry (ILOVECURRYSOMUCH) fairly easy. I just find them a bit expensive for one packet. They carry quite a variety of Asian spices and such though, so I'm still sold! I might try those bottled ones from another brand for experimentation. I'm too lazy to make my own paste from scratch, you know. They're so tedious to make! I'm not very good at following cooking instructions and measurements anyway.

hairKindle Fire
Some pink on hair  ♛  Reading A Clash of Kings (I need matte/anti-glare cover)

x Roan

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Phoneographie: Last Week of June

Mediterranean fish from Dessert Factory. It's too oily :-/

Peanut butter of the champions <333

The Talented Ms. Birdy <3

I can finally move on to A Clash of Kings. Will continue The God Delusion, too.

Footwear for the Spidey movie date

  • I had Dessert Factory's Mediterranean fish for lunch last weekend before heading to cinema for The Amazing Spider-Man. It was too oily for my liking. The fish was melts-in-your-mouth, though. 
  • I prefer locally-made peanut butter over imported ones. Doesn't matter if their manufacturing practices are questionable or desirable. I find imported ones in the supermarket bland and unappetizing (at least the ones I've tried though) while the local ones are sweet and creamy. I alternate peanut butter sammich and oatmeal w/ dark chocolate for breakfast. 
  • I "discovered" Birdy when Ed and I dropped by a record store and her album cover caught my attention. I didn't have any idea who she is, and instantly had a hint that she isn't some manufactured pop chick out there. (I like happy, serendipitous discoveries. I downloaded Ben Howard's album without any knowledge of who he is and his type of music but still ended up liking his songs.)
  • Fin'lly done with the first book of A Song of Fire and Ice. I alternated it with Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, which has been quite educational, I must say. I'm finding myself learning, re-learning, and un-learning a lot of things lately... (I find the Kindle Fire heavy and can sometimes be a bitch to my wrist.)
  • Mannish brown brogues and cutesy polka-dot socks were worn on said Spidey movie date. 
  • My birthday is already next week! Eeek, lolabelles! JK.

x Roan