Tuesday, June 12, 2012


There are things one cannot delay and just have to be done whether you like it or not, such as things related to work. I'd like to think I do well on this one. However in matters not work-related, I do well with delaying or not finishing what I've started. There's the matter of half-read books, my friend's blog layout, and the spare room's general cleaning. I haven't gotten around to completing them. I dillydally often, unfortunately.

One of these unfinished businesses is my supposed Photo-A-Day project I started on March. To those who've done and finished this sort of thing, I'm in awe. I barely completed a month!

March photo-a-day

There were days I forget to take any pictures at all. Or if I did, they're not quite to my satisfaction. I didn't make strict rules to it so there was a teeny room for cheating, to be honest. There was a day (or two, I think) that I posted something that wasn't taken that day, so I just browsed not-so-old photos and uploaded them. LOL.

March photo-a-day

I might have been terrible at this photo-a-day thing but I'm making a mental pinky-promise to not leave other  to-dos half-baked. So, I will eventually complete reading those books, tinker friend's blog, and make the spare room livable.

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x Roan