Monday, March 26, 2012

Running for Home

The boyfriend and I participated Globe Run4Home 2012 and selected Gawad Kalinga, one of the four advocacy organizations-cum-beneficiaries from the run, as our beneficiary. I think the proceeds will be used for the upcoming Bayani Challenge next month which I'm hoping to join, too. We've been wanting to volunteer for GK and the run gave us an opportunity to finally sign up as volunteers.

It was our first time to join a run, albeit a fun run and at just 3K distance, and it was quite an experience. We're slowly getting back in shape and although joining marathons aren't exactly necessary, it's a good way to gauge our improvement. Because I can't bike nor swim, jogging, walking and running is the way to go to burn off all these unsightly bulges and generally be healthier.

Globe Run 4 Home 2012
Globe Run 4 Home 2012Globe Run 4 Home 2012
Globe Run 4 Home 2012
Globe Run 4 Home 2012
Globe Run 4 Home 2012Globe Run 4 Home 2012
Globe Run 4 Home 2012

x Roan

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blue Green

what i wore
what i wore
what i wore

It's foolish to wear sweaters in summer but that Saturday afternoon I decided to wear this blue one was cloudy, albeit not necessarily cold, and drizzly. It's been sitting in the closet for months unworn and I just managed to dig it in my search for some loose top to cover my clear and present fatness. They say not to wear something big when you already are as it will emphasize your bigness even more but, you know, I'm stubborn and have sort of 'I don't care' attitude since high school.

x Roan

sweater - thrifted
cut-off shorts - thrifted
bag - gift
robot necklace - Carbon market

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Color to Mono

monochrome me

I stared at the monitor for a good 3 minutes and I still don't know what to say here. I am tempted to do another bullet post but I won't.

Well, things are peachy at work. I sometimes catch myself daydreaming of Greece and telling my boss to be my default tourist guide there and teach me a few Danish curse words (he's Danish living in Greece). I work at home and don't have much to faff around town so I'm pretty much a hermit, which is really fine with me being a quite panda that I am.

The boyfriend brought me to this accessories store downtown last week. Holy schmolly I got so overwhelmed with all these accessories I had to literally pinch him. Poor boy. I had street food right after: 5-peso buko juice that didn't taste anything like coconut water, banana-que and potato twist. Ah, street food. The dirtier, the delicious-er. Loljk. That spectacle necklace, by the way, was an obvious pick because I'm married to an actual pair.


x Roan

Monday, March 5, 2012

Shake It Out

Watched Ed's team's basketball game yesterday. They have this inter-account league thing going on in the company. Some of his teammates, whom I used to work with, still address me as "Supe" even when I've resigned from the company a year ago. Old habits die hard.

Buck and Ed
Buck and the headless Ed

Listening to Marling
Listened to Laura Marling and Florence + The Machine during the game.

Japanese food
Post-game pakals. The tuna sashimi tartare, my favorite, was sooo good I wanted to weep (chos, ang OA lang). Japanese food makes me so happy.

What I Wore

Bought a gym ball so I could have a DIY exercise at home. Gained so much weight, I feel awful. Minimal to no exercise + big appetite = me today. :/

But today is Monday and I'm feeling optimistic.

x Roan

thrifted Vanessa Bruno assymetrical dress from MyOwnThriftShop
Girbaud sneakers
wire heart necklace from Maze Ayala

Saturday, March 3, 2012


What I have for my Project Photo-A-Day so far

  • Finally updated my dormant ~photo blog~ 2 days ago. I felt like I was in a creative funk (ANG ARTE LANG HAHA) so I thought why not dump photos there again. So, I jumped into the Project 365 bandwagon. I've never done it 'cos I'm lazy and a slacker but I thought why not NOT be lazy and slack this time? Or at least make good use of the URL. Ha.

  • Who knew tinkering with Photoshop would lead me to change the blog banner and put image links on the sidebar. Made a simple blog banner for my friend as well. I realized how I miss tinkering with HTML and CSS too and thought of changing my blog layout that led me scavenging in Blogskins again (good ol' Blogskins makes me nostalgic, whatwhat). Ended up just downloading codes and the blog still looking the same, lolz. 

  • Why are there no Pinoy action movies anymore? When did we stop liking them? I honestly wanted to watch Asiong Salonga during last year's MMFF just for lolz. And while channel surfing, I caught this very old, almost black and white Erap Estrada movie which quiet amused me. I thought it was fun! I kind of miss them, I don't know why. I think it was triggered by this classic Leon Guerrero clip where Lito Lapid made one bullet split into two through a knife and killed two(!) escaping villains. I mean, c'mon! I'm pretty sure James Bond hasn't done that! Unfortunately, I couldn't find a download of it in the internet (THE INTERNET HAS FAILED ME, lol). On the bright side, I found a 1961 Asiong Salonga. Yes.

Let's enjoy the weekend!

x Roan