Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Phoneographie: Runaway to Puerto Princesa

Sometimes I imagine myself letting all the comfort and familiarity go, say "f**k it", and be a working nomad. Stay and live in a place for, say, 6 months and then move on to another. Something like that. I actually think I could do it but won't. There's the case of logistics, exhaustion, and the longing for comfort, security and familiarity - the same things I wanted to let go of.

But the days of P6,000 one-way fares are history (well, at least when you've become a seat sale ninja). And thanks to a job that allows flexibility and work mobility, I can take vacation breaks whenever I want to, as long as get my job done. There's also the generous and awesome boss I have to thank for that. 

Exactly a week ago the boyfriend and I came back from the City in the Forest. I felt that the Vigan-Pagudpud vacation hasn't been too long ago but when you get the chance to travel and go on a break again, you grab it.

I am yet to transfer files from the camera to the computer but I just did from my phone. Seven days since we came back and we haven't completely unpacked, my backpack hasn't been completely emptied out yet. And, if one considers uploading-photos-to-PC part of the unpacking ordeal, that one I haven't managed to do as well. 

So for now, images from the camphone:

I'll post about the whole thing soon.

x Roan