Thursday, August 16, 2012

Japanese Sunday

I hoped to go on an Eiga Sai 2012 marathon last weekend but as the usual story of my life goes, my bones got a bit lazy and had to finish up some work on Saturday. I missed out on the Friday screening too because it was scheduled for The Bourne Legacy (By the way, Red Tani summed up the movie well: "Lots of tedious foreplay, & when you think the sex is about to start, your partner dresses up & leaves"). So, I swore to make it on Sunday, the last day of Eiga Sai.

Japan Food Fest, Ayala Center Cebu

I love Japanese food so it was such a bonus finding out they got a Japanese food festival set up at The Terraces, too. It wasn't a grand feast as I imagined it, there were only less than 10 food stalls there I think, but it wasn't such a big deal to complain about. As long as I get my Japanese food fix, I'm a happy panda.

Japan Food Fest, Ayala Center Cebu
Japan Food Fest, Ayala Center Cebu

Ed isn't a Japanese food person - he LOVES Sunburst, pizza, pasta, burgers and fries... the kind you regularly see in Man Vs. Food. Something like that. So I really appreciate it when he is supportive of my food preferences.<3 p="p">
There were exhibitions, cosplaying, and a show inside the mall.

Japanese displayJapanese display
Japanese display

We only got to watch two screenings (there were three) that day: the animated Colorful and the funny-sad tale of small village women in Permanent Nobara.

sakura, cherry blossoms

I wish I could grow cherry blossom trees in my own backyard!

x Roan