Saturday, March 3, 2012


What I have for my Project Photo-A-Day so far

  • Finally updated my dormant ~photo blog~ 2 days ago. I felt like I was in a creative funk (ANG ARTE LANG HAHA) so I thought why not dump photos there again. So, I jumped into the Project 365 bandwagon. I've never done it 'cos I'm lazy and a slacker but I thought why not NOT be lazy and slack this time? Or at least make good use of the URL. Ha.

  • Who knew tinkering with Photoshop would lead me to change the blog banner and put image links on the sidebar. Made a simple blog banner for my friend as well. I realized how I miss tinkering with HTML and CSS too and thought of changing my blog layout that led me scavenging in Blogskins again (good ol' Blogskins makes me nostalgic, whatwhat). Ended up just downloading codes and the blog still looking the same, lolz. 

  • Why are there no Pinoy action movies anymore? When did we stop liking them? I honestly wanted to watch Asiong Salonga during last year's MMFF just for lolz. And while channel surfing, I caught this very old, almost black and white Erap Estrada movie which quiet amused me. I thought it was fun! I kind of miss them, I don't know why. I think it was triggered by this classic Leon Guerrero clip where Lito Lapid made one bullet split into two through a knife and killed two(!) escaping villains. I mean, c'mon! I'm pretty sure James Bond hasn't done that! Unfortunately, I couldn't find a download of it in the internet (THE INTERNET HAS FAILED ME, lol). On the bright side, I found a 1961 Asiong Salonga. Yes.

Let's enjoy the weekend!

x Roan