Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's been cricketland here for days, I know. It's just that I caught the blogging lazies. What I've been up to: planning a trip, fighting laziness in work so I could save up more for said trip and the Hanson concert, catching up on Fringe, Hoarders and some reading, adding movies to my 212 movies for 2012 list, walking/jogging/Zumba-ing/belly dancing, painting my nails, Youtube-ing, avoiding shopping temptations, etc.

One of the things I did was go on an impromptu videoke yesterday with Ed, R, June and Cess.

But first, Zubuchon. Our meal spelled C-A-R-D-I-A-C A-R-R-E-S-T and O-B-E-S-I-T-Y. The food was good but I couldn't help but feel a teeny bit guilty for the pigs. I'm not a vegetarian but there was a moment there that I wanted to convert, haha. I don't eat dinuguan so I just stuffed meself with lechon and slow-cooked adobo. Aftermath: umay. Ugh. Thank heavens for their kamias shake.

It was my first time there, by the way.

Zubuchon lechon
Zubuchon dinuguan
Zubuchon slow-cooked adobo
Zubuchon kamias shake

The videoke session yesterday was a bit different from all of the videoke sessions I've ever been. I couldn't hold a proper tune to save my life but it was, I think, the first time that I didn't care and just sung. Sa videoke, there's always this one person who hogs the microphone. But yesterday was different, everyone got to hold the mike and didn't have to endure Aegis and Regine Velasquez songs.

floral shirt
Ed and Roan
Roan, The Explosive Orange
Videoke girls
videoke lights

Today is Ed and I's 30th month together! Nuks!

x Roan