Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Family Affair

I'm going to flood you with photos of people you don't know and a kid who likes to make faces and box her aunt's belly.

the explosive orange the explosive orange the explosive orangethe explosive orange the explosive orange the explosive orangethe explosive orange the explosive orange
Dinner with the Llaneses at Lemon Grass, The Terraces. Ed's sister is in town from Manila for the holidays. His brother and his family who're residing in Cavite dropped by here in Cebu from their Christmas getaway from Boracay and Leyte. The Tuesday dinner was when the siblings got together for Christmas.

This kid! Ohmygahd the kilay and eyes are so Llanes. She was so hyper the entire night, I tell you. She snapped photos, laughed, jumped and talked a lot. I think she said "utot" at least five times, hahaha. We can only guess where she learned it. And she likes being photographed as much as she likes taking ours. I swear fuma-fashion blogger pose itez! And she's a boxer, too. She kept on punching her aunt's midsection after dinner. Maybe her dad taught her to be like Pacman? 

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! That means firecrackers! Ugh... woe to the Davaoena. I'm still not used to the noise after all these years living away from my hometown! :)) I love fireworks display, though. They're awesome. 

x Roan

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night

Two days ago, Ed, her sister Ate Marnelle and I did what almost all people do these days - going to the mall to shop and eat.

These are in Spice Fusion...

Spice FusionSpice Fusion 

pink lemonade and kutchai w/ shredded pork

PhotobucketPhotobucket seafood rice and green chicken curry


salt and pepper squid and fried bagoong chicken

Effort the food shots. Yummy the food. It's Chubs-mas time!


I remember the first time Ed and I dined at Spice Fusion, we loved the food. The service was okay. Now while the food is still very good, we hated the service. There's this female server who, in my opinion, need more time training for server etiquette or whatever they have to go through to be more pleasant. Wala syang kafinesse-finesse. I mean, it's not what we'd expect from a sort of pricey restaurant. Two of my pet peeves in a restaurant are clacking heels of female servers and noisy clean-ups on a table (yung parang mababasag na yung mga plato at ang ingay ng utensils), and this particular server had and did both. Anyway, I bet not all of their staff are like her (the one who took our bill seemed pretty 'well-trained') but I hope that Spice Fusion doesn't only focus on great food.


And... Sibling bonding and walang kamatayang what-I-wore photos of meh. Y ME SO CHUBS?

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Eeep, my shoes and bag are so pretty!

Tonight's Christmas Eve, I hope you spend it with the people you love. Or at least, like. HOHO. Happy holidays, friends!

thrifted dress
Primadonna oxfords
gifted EGG bag [from Ate Marnelle who reads my blog *blashing* =)) HI!!!]

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random 7 Saturday

Photos from not so long ago. I'm having a bit of nostalgia and fun with Poladroid.
Photobucket ^Company summer outing, June 2010.
  Photobucket^Loboc River cruise, Bohol. February 2010.
  Photobucket^Fort San Pedro, November 2010
  Photobucket^An afternoon at Co-Jordan, Lilo-an. February 2011.
  Photobucket^Manila Oceanpark, December 2009. Also hugged it the 1st time I was there.
  Photobucket^Sumilon Island, August 2010. Please, don't judge. I was just trying to be pretty. =))

x Roan

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Wish List

...also known as consumerist Christmas wish list, a.k.a. Things I want but wish I can afford now.
Christmas wish listChristmas wish list
An iMac or a MacBook Pro. The bigger monitor, the better. And because despite the good things people say about Steve Jobs, I think he's evil. Apple products are so good they must be masterminded by the devil or really brilliant geeks scheming to rule the world. 

Christmas wish listChristmas wish list 
Chanel Le Vernis. Try ko lang, kahit isang bote HAHA. 3 bottles? Even better. 
Doc Martens floral boots. They're floral. They're boots. Perfecto Yasay! 

Christmas wish listChristmas wish list 
Fujifilm X100. Because I haven't brought my Canon G11 to the repair shop and I have that stinking feeling that it can't be salvaged anymore, and I don't like lugging bulky SLR cameras, so... 
Mary Kantrantzou x Topshop. THIS DRESS. I can't help myself.

Seriously, I'm just getting a new computer (NOT MAC) this month because the laptop I'm using has had enough torture c/o yours truly. I need a new one to abuse, lulz.

What's your wish list? 

x Roan

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Polish Please

I'm currently in a I-want-them-in-every-color-and-shade nail polish phase. Maybe this is how you feel when you start getting addicted with coloring your nails? Lulz. I wanted to have my nail color of the week post up today but my nails have slight dents and patterns as I apparently went to bed with them not yet properly dry. Lulz again. Because I want something nail-related today, I decided to take photos of my "collection".

nail polish The Greens: Skin Food BL514, LA Girl Crowd Surfing, The Face Shop GR505, Cutex Some Kind of Wonder Blue and Cutex Green There, Done That

nail polish The (Only) Red: The Face Shop RD302
  nail polish The Blues: The Face Shop BL606, Saizen Blue, The Face Shop BL604
  nail polish The Purples: Caronia First Crush, Etude House PP903, Orly Matte Couture Purple Velvet
  nail polish The Browns: Caronia Bronzed Platinum, The Face Shop BR604
  nail polish The Grays and a Black: The Face Shop Face It GR502, Bobbie Kohl, Caress Silver Frost, Skin Food GR901
  nail polish The Yellows: The Face Shop Face It YL701, Skin Food BR613, The Face Shop GL111
  Photobucket The Oranges: Etude House OR208, The Face Shop OR203
  nail polish The Pinks: LA Colors French Nail - Pink, Etude House PP904, Etude House PK013, The Face Shop PK101, Skin Food PK202

I know, this is NOTHING compared to, say, Pam Pastor's 600+ nail polish collection. I need mooore! The most expensive I have there is Orly which is about 325.00-ish. I hope to have more dispensable income so I can buy Chanels, Diors or Lippmans without guilt or remorse, harrr. For now, I'll just pick up the more affordable ones from Etude House, Skin Food and The Face Shop.

If you know some good brands with fun colors and good formulation or if you see OPI in stores here in Cebu, let me knoe! :D

x Roan

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it

outfit outfit outfit outfit

That's by Woody Allen, by the way. Happy birthday, Woody!

I wish I could be more confident and "model-y" and all of that sort in front of the camera when in public. Seriously, how do you do it? I slouch, feel awkward and get all giggly. But I don't think that's wrong either because that's me. I guess "lumo-lookbook" pose isn't me. So, I'll just stick to what I know, awkward poses and all. It's hard not to smile in photos, ya noes.

thrifted polka dot top
thrifted pleated skirt
So! Fab leopard-print loafers