Wednesday, September 28, 2011

London Fashion Week SS 2012 Favourites

I had to restrain myself from downloading excessive amount of photos from fashion weeks' London installment, especially from Burberry and Mary Katrantzou shows. The details are just incredible and I'm already planning a thrift trip to look out for similar designs or close to. Again, I don't know squat about ~fashion~, I'm just a fan of pretty prints.

London Fashion Week SS 2012 Favourites Burberry Prorsum
The details in this collection is beautiful. The weaves, beads and knits on rich colors of fabric remind you of ethnic inspirations and form texture and patterns that are just charming.

London Fashion Week SS 2012 Favourites Christopher Kane
The clothes this season remind me of floral wallpapers worn as clothes by school girls.

London Fashion Week SS 2012 Favourites Holly Fulton
Correct me if I'm wrong but this reminds me of the 60's...

London Fashion Week SS 2012 Favourites Matthew Williamson
The prints and colors are just delicious.

London Fashion Week SS 2012 Favourites Meadham Kirchhoff
I first heard/read of Meadham Kirchhoff on Tavi's blog, Style Rookie. She's a Courtney Love fan, so are the men behind the brand. You can, as expected, see references and inspirations from the Hole frontwoman. I love the bubble gum colors, cute tops and, uhm, the balloons. "I wanted to take them off the cake, and put a real girl up there...A real girl not defined by feminine frippery, though she may occasionally indulge in it." - Ed Meadham

London Fashion Week SS 2012 Favourites
London Fashion Week SS 2012 Favourites Mary Katrantzou
I. Can't. Even... Her work blows me away. When I first saw her clothes featured on Susie Lau's blog, Style Bubble, last year, I knew I found someone who's a genius. Her prints are marvelous! I won't even pretend I understand the process that goes on to these clothes - digital textile printing or whatever - but the finished product is astounding. I remember being *moved* by Haider Ackermann's Fall 2011 collection and I had the same feeling now with Katrantzou's Spring/Summer offering. If I could say something her personally (I follow her on Twitter), I might tell her I love her. LOL! *fangirling*

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P.S. Ann of Numbers, Letters and Fashion is so nice to feature me on her blog. Head over to Ann's blog and read as I ramble on, if you so fancy. Thanks Ann! :)

- Roan

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New York Fashion Week SS 2012 Favorites

I know... This is just like those fashion week-related blog posts popping out in the web the past weeks but I can't help it. Something tells me to put something out for the blog so that years from now, I can look back and trace the styles I was drawn into and maybe tell a bit of who and what I was.

So anyway, (I'm not even sure if the previous paragraph even makes sense...) I scoured for runway photos and grabbed the following ones. I might have missed some that I would actually like (I hope I didn't!) but my mouse-clicking superpower apparently is not that super. So!

New York Fashion Week SS 2012 Favorites Diesel Black Gold - Jason Wu - Marc by Marc Jacobs - Suno
The "street-ness" of the first 3 appeals to me while the prints on Suno are up on my alley.
  New York Fashion Week SS 2012 Favorites Anna Sui
Anna Sui's one of my favorites because she has fun with prints which I love. I like that the girls down the runway looks to be having fun. (Anna Sui-related posts here and here.)

New York Fashion Week SS 2012 Favorites Band of Outsiders
I like the easy-breezy-cool vibe to them, something I need in my wardrobe.

New York Fashion Week SS 2012 Favorites Cynthia Rowley
I *love* floral prints that's for sure and that black dress with gold shoulder detail spoke to me.

New York Fashion Week SS 2012 Favorites Erdem
If I haven't said it enough, I love floral prints. When something reminds me of birds chirping in the morning, gardens, afternoon teas and running in the field, it's all pretty to me.

New York Fashion Week SS 2012 Favorites Helmut Lang
Again, easy-breezy-cool. And oh I wonder how soft the fabrics are...

New York Fashion Week SS 2012 Favorites Lela Rose
There's that lime yellow again but no, I'm not complaining. What I'm actually quite fancying about here are the shirts. And to be more specific, the sleeves. If shirts and sleeves can woo me, this is it.

New York Fashion Week SS 2012 Favorites Nicole Miller
I've been looking for a pair of leggings that sort of resembles this Nicole Miller one and I hope it doesn't elude me much longer. That 1st look I totally dig, man. If only I wouldn't look frumpy and all...

New York Fashion Week SS 2012 Favorites 3.1 Philip Lim
What you say about the leather sleeveless trench? It just kicked me in the arse.
  New York Fashion Week SS 2012 FavoritesRachel Comey
I think the knit print is clever - if real knit's too stuffy for summer heat, then why not this. And yes, I'm drawn to "I don't care" and "mismatched" styles.
  New York Fashion Week SS 2012 FavoritesRodarte
I love the Mulleavy sisters even more because of this! Van Gogh FTW!

New York Fashion Week SS 2012 FavoritesThakoon
Printsss! Somebody please save me! On a second thought, NO. And the hair are all sorts of crazy!
  New York Fashion Week SS 2012 FavoritesY-3
I. Love. This. Period. If I can't have my florals, at least I still have the Japanese street aesthetic to run to.

So those are my favourites from NYFW, what are yours? I'm excited about London FW (next post!) - Mary Katrantzou! Meadham Kirchhoff!

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- Roan

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Davao With Love

I just returned from my hometown for my mother's 1st anniversary of her passing. It still feels so recent but we got to move on. I'm not going to talk about it here though, rather I'd like to share with you what I brought from home.

It has tested and proven that whenever I travel, I usually end up having a heavier baggage on my return flights. This recent trip wasn't an exception to it. Save for some garments, toiletries and quintessential pasalubong, the following purchases made my baggage roughly 2 kilos heavier.

Human (heart) Nature
I know there are Human Nature stores somewhere in Cebu but I prefer to buy mine from a friend who's in Davao. Yes, because that's what friends are for hohoho. Anyway my friend and I went to their Davao branch to purchase some things I need and were greeted by a new, sleek, nature-inspired store. I'd love to lounge in there.
Human Nature Human Nature Human Nature's hair mask and hand & foot salve

Human Nature
Human Nature's moisturizing conditioner and aloe & guava facial wash

Human Nature's exfoliating facial scrub, peppermint lip balm and watermelon hand sanitizer

L.A. Girl and L.A. Colors 
I gave 7 bottles of nail polish to my sister so I have a good excuse to buy more and/or replenish them. My friend, Jini, suggested L.A. Colors but I don't know where in Cebu I can buy them. She said it's available in one of the malls in Davao so I checked it out. I just ended up buying two bottles (Php85 each) and an offensively pink lip gloss.
L.A. Colors LA Colors nail lacquers (French Nail - Pink and Crowd Surfing) and LA Girl triple enhancing lip gloss

Same with LA products, I don't know if Saizen is available here in Cebu. Saizens sells for Php85 each of everything in their store at Abreeza Davao. Jini and I are fans of Japanese cuteness and minimalism (we *died* in Muji) so it was understandable that we spend time ogling at Saizen. I only bought a nail color (again) and an eyeshadow palette though. Must. Resist. From. Hoarding.
Saizen Saizen blue nail color and eyeshadow palette

Secondhand: Book Sale and Thrift Buys
Going on thrift trips are something I enjoy wherever I am.
Book Sale
GQ and Runway Mag back issues and The Borrowers by Mary Norton

Ukay-ukay thrifted tops

Custom-made Tote Bag 
My friend Jini bought a brand-new sewing machine so what would a *good* friend do? I forced requested her to make me an apple-picking tote bag. Although I won't be picking apples in an orchard anytime soon, I'd be more than happy to lug it around when I go out.
custom-made tote bag

I'm now regretting a bit for not buying a wallet or bag with batik prints. Oh well.

I'm glad to be back in Cebu and to work. Okay, that's unlikely of me to say that but that's that!

- Roan

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Salamat Bossing

Four years ago, there were 20 agents and 2 supervisors who braved an unfamiliar territory to lay the foundation of an extension site. Out of the 22, only 3 spoke the language, or more like could converse but still had verbal hints that they weren't local. We had our own reasons for relocating aside from the business one; I had mine.

Now, all of us (or what remained of the 22) can understand and speak (sometimes barok) Cebuano. We stuck together. Some had misunderstandings that eventually resulted to falling outs while some relationships thrived. Living together for long could build and break relationships, I guess. Our number slowly trickled down, some resigned, some went back to Manila, etc. Despite that, there were many a fun time. Oh, those fun times! We did tourist-y things together, some people learned to drink (ahem), and most importantly, we worked together to get where our account is now.

The first thing we did together was sing. Yes, videoke because we're so Pinoy like that. So now that another one is leaving for his hometown, La Union, I guess it was just apt to come full circle for him and sing on his last day with us.

Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing

Bossing is Bossing because, well he has a certain look-a-alikeness with Vic Sotto (lean physique, face shape). He is I think is the only other person (the other one's Pat, the blonde one in white shirt) who ever calls me Miss Roan/Rowee. He is at times very emotional - parang babae as in! - and had probably some bad fashion choices (haha!). But he was very easy to work with - he was my back-up in agent database maintenance (those were the days!), amused me with some of his Excel skillz and was the account's IT POC forever. I also remember him telling me "Miss Rowee, may sasabihin ako sa 'yo - kaba'w na gud ko mag-Bisaya!" / "Miss Rowee, I have something to tell you - I can now speak Bisaya!" when he had learned a few Cebuano words, phrases and sentences. He was a fast learner, I tell ya. What makes him very special to us even more is because he is (was?) Agent #00001.

Here's us singing "Salamat", our last song for the session. The video's very dark, I know!

*Video c/o Naina

Thank you, Bossing! See you in La Union, Baguio, wherever! :)


Monday, September 5, 2011

Curl Head

I had my hair permed around 2 weeks ago and I can't say I like it very much. See, I wanted medium to large curls/waves, something that doesn't look like a riot of a bush hair. Obvs, I didn't get it and am quite dissatisfied. Because of I was timid enough not to say anything, I just sulked and swore not to go back there. But since I can't get rid of this sooner (unless I shave my head), I'll just have werq it I guess!

outfit outfit outfit 
{thrifted floral shirt, Crissa shorts, So! Fab loafers and thrifted purse}

Here's a closeup of my new favorite loafers:

So! Fab animal-print loafers
Bought this animal print loafers at So! Fab Ayala and it's been getting a lot of mileage lately. I also bought a pair of mansculine-ish brogues from Janylin which was deeply discounted I couldn't resist the bargain!

By the way, Up Dharma Down's in town this Friday so I pretty excited about seeing them perform for Cebuanos again!

- Roan

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day To Night

Wednesday, 2 weeks ago. I know. Lunch at Teriyaki Boy, some shoe and nail polish shopping, dinner at Harold's rooftop cafe, then capped the night with some wine at The Wine Shop.

Day To Night Day To Night Day To NightDay To Night Day To NightDay To Night Day To Night Day To NightDay To Night Day To NightDay To Night Day To Night

I was wearing a thrifted bow shirt and a Forever 21 skirt.

- Roan