Monday, October 17, 2011

Wiggle Your Tail to the Right


thrifted floral dress, Cava bag and Parisian lace-ups

I could still remember when Kalel was still so small and shy. Almost 4 months ago, we got this pitbull-akita mix puppy from a friend. Kalel was barely 2 months old then, a bit shy but had hints of mischief. When our friend had to be in Manila for 3 weeks or so, we 'baby-sat' two of his puppies, Kalel's siblings. It was chaos. They ran around like crazy, jumped on each other and wrecked 4-5 potted plants!



Kalel's now a little over 5 months and already very strong. Sometimes he's such a headache to handle (okay maybe my fault, I'm not pet-savvy or whatever...) - he's very determined and strong-willed. It's in his blood.  When he's too much to handle, I really get frustrated. No matter how many Dog Whisperer episodes I watch, I just couldn't do it!

But you can learn to love. Or at least like something. Maybe because I'm with the dog everyday, he grew on me. I learned to be patient (I am, but not with animal quirks), got a bit more responsible, and to pick out ticks and fleas.

I'm pretty sure he likes me - likes me rubbing his chest and belly, jumping on me and biting/pulling clothes. Here's a photo proving our affection towards each other:

Kalel and me

- Roan