Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photo or It Didn't Happen

Dear Jinifrog, it did happen. Look, I'm using the bag!

The Explosive OrangeThe Explosive Orange The Explosive Orange
thrifted shirt, leggings from Metro Ayala, custom-made tote bag, Janylin shoes

This was Saturday last week when I was craving for Thai food. On our way to SM Cebu, Ed said maybe we'll just go to Ayala Center Cebu the following day instead and stuff my face at Lemongrass, a Thai resto there. But I wouldn't stop talking. So to Krua Thai we went.

Photobucket Ed and his mohawk. It's originally blue and has faded to green. Whatever happened to it, it's brilliant.

Pillow w/ elephant embroidery. Wala lang.

Red chicken curry

Pad Thai

Krua Thai fried rice

  PhotobucketCrispy chicken with lemongrass something

Don't know what it's called but it has coconut ice cream and sago in SUPER sweet, warm syrup.

It's sometimes a pain to shoot using a 50mm lens. :|