Monday, October 31, 2011

Nail Color of the Week: Shimmered Gunmetal

Changed my (green-ish) wonder blue and pink nails to this:

nail color of the week: shimmered gunmetal nail color of the week: shimmered gunmetal
I used Sally Hansen's Double Duty strengthening base and top coat, The Face Shop's Face It GR502 and a thin coat of A'Pieu mattifier.
nail color of the week: shimmered gunmetal
This SH base and top coat is a recent buy. My Face Shop base coat is already clumpy and gooey although I only bought it this year. I don't whyyy. Badtrip! Anyway, there are so many kinds of base coat apparently and me being a noob got confused. So because I wanted to get a new one so badly, I just jumped on SH.
nail color of the week: shimmered gunmetal
The Face Shop's Face It GR502 is black-grey with gold and silver shimmer. Put a coat of mattifier to downplay the shimmer. When something is too shiny (subjective), this Korean brand mattifier is my savior.
nail color of the week: shimmered gunmetal

- Roan

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cebu Octoberpets 2011

I don't have much outfit and thrifting posts because I seldom go out these days. And when I do, I don't bring a camera.

Anyway, Ed and I dropped by at UP College for Octoberpets 2011 last week. I ogled at dogs, snakes, spiders, hamsters, etc. I think I've already mentioned before that I'm not a pet or an animal person. But since Ed and I got Kalel, our dog, you learn to appreciate and they grow on you. We didn't bring him to the event though he would've enjoyed being with other dogs.

Here's a few of them:

Cebu Octoberpets 2011 Cebu Octoberpets 2011 Cebu Octoberpets 2011 Cebu Octoberpets 2011Cebu Octoberpets 2011t Cebu Octoberpets 2011 Cebu Octoberpets 2011 Cebu Octoberpets 2011 Cebu Octoberpets 2011 Cebu Octoberpets 2011 Cebu Octoberpets 2011 Cebu Octoberpets 2011


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nail Color of the Week: Wonder Blue and Pink

My last proper nail color post was way back in July. I posted my nails when I did the Komikon post but it was just a glimpse. Nakakatamad kasi sobraaa.

Anyway this week I tried doing accenting because it's a less vicious way for me to put on more than one color on my nails. I colored my nails with different colors on each finger once and though I had fun painting them, it was an eye sore.
   nail color of the week

Hello stubby fingers and small nails. I only put an accent on my left because I thought that's how it should be. LULZ! Next week I'll try both hands.

nail color of the week
Skinfood PK202 and Cutex Some Kind of Wonder Blue

I bought Cutex during my Manila trip last July. For some reason I couldn't find them here in Cebu. I remember getting pretty excited buying them (only bought 2 though) because Cutex is alamat. Cutex is like what Colgate is to toothpaste. Uhm, how do you call that? Product association? Haha.

Anyway, I some kind of wonder why it's called Some Kind of Wonder Blue when it's more on the green-ish side. Nevertheless I really find it pretty. 
nail color of the week nail color of the week

- Roan

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2nd Cebu Komikon 2011

It was a hot Saturday and I wanted to get out of the house. Nothing much to do, I logged in to Twitter and read this update from THE Gerry Alanguilan about Komikon happening in the city that day. I got so excited I actually squealed a tad louder much to the boy's surprise. I begged him to join me, sweet-talked about this and that, but alas, graphic novels ain't his thing (he only reads Sandman because I read it and he buys the series for me hahaha).

I kind of hoped to see someone I know, specifically this kid I know who does cosplay but he wasn't there. If I wasn't alone, I wouldn't have been too shy and awkward the whole time.

So, some photos!

2nd Cebu Komikon 2011 2nd Cebu Komikon 2011 2nd Cebu Komikon 20112nd Cebu Komikon 2011 2nd Cebu Komikon 2011 2nd Cebu Komikon 20112nd Cebu Komikon 2011 2nd Cebu Komikon 2011 2nd Cebu Komikon 20112nd Cebu Komikon 2011 2nd Cebu Komikon 2011 2nd Cebu Komikon 20112nd Cebu Komikon 2011 2nd Cebu Komikon 2011

I find cosplay amusing although I'm not too crazy about it.

I *think* I got to talk to Lyndon Gregorio, Beerkada's creator. I'm not sure it was him, I haven't met him EVER *loser fangirl* and 'Lyndon Gregorio' isn't even his real name so I wouldn't know. Anyway, I asked if they have Jimmy pins, Jimmy's my favorite-st Beerkada character evurrr. The person I was talking to (I hope it was Lyndon *loser fangirl*) opened a pouch containing a bunch of pins but I got distracted at some point then completely forgot about buying one. Story of my life haha. I bought Dekada, though.

2nd Cebu Komikon 2011 2nd Cebu Komikon 20112nd Cebu Komikon 2011
thrifted dress, Janylin brogues, socks from SM, Etude House nail lacquers (purple & orange - not obvs), customade tote, and dream catcher necklace from a makeshift stall at Komikon

*All photos taken by me 

- Roan

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wiggle Your Tail to the Right


thrifted floral dress, Cava bag and Parisian lace-ups

I could still remember when Kalel was still so small and shy. Almost 4 months ago, we got this pitbull-akita mix puppy from a friend. Kalel was barely 2 months old then, a bit shy but had hints of mischief. When our friend had to be in Manila for 3 weeks or so, we 'baby-sat' two of his puppies, Kalel's siblings. It was chaos. They ran around like crazy, jumped on each other and wrecked 4-5 potted plants!



Kalel's now a little over 5 months and already very strong. Sometimes he's such a headache to handle (okay maybe my fault, I'm not pet-savvy or whatever...) - he's very determined and strong-willed. It's in his blood.  When he's too much to handle, I really get frustrated. No matter how many Dog Whisperer episodes I watch, I just couldn't do it!

But you can learn to love. Or at least like something. Maybe because I'm with the dog everyday, he grew on me. I learned to be patient (I am, but not with animal quirks), got a bit more responsible, and to pick out ticks and fleas.

I'm pretty sure he likes me - likes me rubbing his chest and belly, jumping on me and biting/pulling clothes. Here's a photo proving our affection towards each other:

Kalel and me

- Roan

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Four-Eyed Panda

For more than 3 years, I hadn't been wearing eyeglasses. I got sick of my last pair and just stopped using it. I'd been called "bulag" at the office and I'm like kebs!

I had been headaches due to eye strain and noticed things and people have become blur-er than ever. Translation: foggy. Haha! So I decided to filch a portion of my buy-new-PC budget to finally get a new pair of specs.
thrifted top and harem-like skirt (I still effin' don't know what it's called), Cava bag, and Janylin brogues

I tagged along Ed and his colleague (and my former officemate) to SM for some gig. While they were doing their thing, I was busy roaming for possible purchases of new nail polish bottles. Translation: nag-aadik na naman.

So I was looking at In2It looking at these bottles when the sales rep said, "Yes ma'am, what color?" and when I answered in Bisaya, she got a bit surprised. She thought I was Korean, Chinese or something. Sorry to disappoint! :D

Ended up buying a book instead.

four-eyed panda
Echos photo. Last na.

My nearsightedness expectedly got worse. What else! And this pair has been making my life so much easier. Like earlier today, the movie theater experience was so much better - no squinting and blurry images. By the way, REAL STEEL IS BAD ASS!!! WATCHITTTT!!!

- Roan

Friday, October 7, 2011


outfit outfit outfit
thrifted dress (used as top), thrifted assymetrical skirt, Janylin brogues, Cava bag (that I won from Aisa's giveaway!), Kenneth Cole watch

I've gained sooo much weight the past two years. Now, I'm trying to eliminate red meat and eat more vegetables. I've already forgotten what beef tastes like so I'm trying to do the same with pork. Vegetables, I don't have problem with. I just have to eat more them. Then, exercise. I swear I'm such a lazy potato. My running/jogging schedule is so inconsistent so nothing ever happens. I'm planning to go vegetarian (HA!) for health reasons. Both sides of my parents have history of cardiac arrest, my mother being the latest casualty, so I'm trying to find ways to get healthier.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photo or It Didn't Happen

Dear Jinifrog, it did happen. Look, I'm using the bag!

The Explosive OrangeThe Explosive Orange The Explosive Orange
thrifted shirt, leggings from Metro Ayala, custom-made tote bag, Janylin shoes

This was Saturday last week when I was craving for Thai food. On our way to SM Cebu, Ed said maybe we'll just go to Ayala Center Cebu the following day instead and stuff my face at Lemongrass, a Thai resto there. But I wouldn't stop talking. So to Krua Thai we went.

Photobucket Ed and his mohawk. It's originally blue and has faded to green. Whatever happened to it, it's brilliant.

Pillow w/ elephant embroidery. Wala lang.

Red chicken curry

Pad Thai

Krua Thai fried rice

  PhotobucketCrispy chicken with lemongrass something

Don't know what it's called but it has coconut ice cream and sago in SUPER sweet, warm syrup.

It's sometimes a pain to shoot using a 50mm lens. :|