Thursday, September 8, 2011

Salamat Bossing

Four years ago, there were 20 agents and 2 supervisors who braved an unfamiliar territory to lay the foundation of an extension site. Out of the 22, only 3 spoke the language, or more like could converse but still had verbal hints that they weren't local. We had our own reasons for relocating aside from the business one; I had mine.

Now, all of us (or what remained of the 22) can understand and speak (sometimes barok) Cebuano. We stuck together. Some had misunderstandings that eventually resulted to falling outs while some relationships thrived. Living together for long could build and break relationships, I guess. Our number slowly trickled down, some resigned, some went back to Manila, etc. Despite that, there were many a fun time. Oh, those fun times! We did tourist-y things together, some people learned to drink (ahem), and most importantly, we worked together to get where our account is now.

The first thing we did together was sing. Yes, videoke because we're so Pinoy like that. So now that another one is leaving for his hometown, La Union, I guess it was just apt to come full circle for him and sing on his last day with us.

Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing Salamat Bossing

Bossing is Bossing because, well he has a certain look-a-alikeness with Vic Sotto (lean physique, face shape). He is I think is the only other person (the other one's Pat, the blonde one in white shirt) who ever calls me Miss Roan/Rowee. He is at times very emotional - parang babae as in! - and had probably some bad fashion choices (haha!). But he was very easy to work with - he was my back-up in agent database maintenance (those were the days!), amused me with some of his Excel skillz and was the account's IT POC forever. I also remember him telling me "Miss Rowee, may sasabihin ako sa 'yo - kaba'w na gud ko mag-Bisaya!" / "Miss Rowee, I have something to tell you - I can now speak Bisaya!" when he had learned a few Cebuano words, phrases and sentences. He was a fast learner, I tell ya. What makes him very special to us even more is because he is (was?) Agent #00001.

Here's us singing "Salamat", our last song for the session. The video's very dark, I know!

*Video c/o Naina

Thank you, Bossing! See you in La Union, Baguio, wherever! :)