Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Davao With Love

I just returned from my hometown for my mother's 1st anniversary of her passing. It still feels so recent but we got to move on. I'm not going to talk about it here though, rather I'd like to share with you what I brought from home.

It has tested and proven that whenever I travel, I usually end up having a heavier baggage on my return flights. This recent trip wasn't an exception to it. Save for some garments, toiletries and quintessential pasalubong, the following purchases made my baggage roughly 2 kilos heavier.

Human (heart) Nature
I know there are Human Nature stores somewhere in Cebu but I prefer to buy mine from a friend who's in Davao. Yes, because that's what friends are for hohoho. Anyway my friend and I went to their Davao branch to purchase some things I need and were greeted by a new, sleek, nature-inspired store. I'd love to lounge in there.
Human Nature Human Nature Human Nature's hair mask and hand & foot salve

Human Nature
Human Nature's moisturizing conditioner and aloe & guava facial wash

Human Nature's exfoliating facial scrub, peppermint lip balm and watermelon hand sanitizer

L.A. Girl and L.A. Colors 
I gave 7 bottles of nail polish to my sister so I have a good excuse to buy more and/or replenish them. My friend, Jini, suggested L.A. Colors but I don't know where in Cebu I can buy them. She said it's available in one of the malls in Davao so I checked it out. I just ended up buying two bottles (Php85 each) and an offensively pink lip gloss.
L.A. Colors LA Colors nail lacquers (French Nail - Pink and Crowd Surfing) and LA Girl triple enhancing lip gloss

Same with LA products, I don't know if Saizen is available here in Cebu. Saizens sells for Php85 each of everything in their store at Abreeza Davao. Jini and I are fans of Japanese cuteness and minimalism (we *died* in Muji) so it was understandable that we spend time ogling at Saizen. I only bought a nail color (again) and an eyeshadow palette though. Must. Resist. From. Hoarding.
Saizen Saizen blue nail color and eyeshadow palette

Secondhand: Book Sale and Thrift Buys
Going on thrift trips are something I enjoy wherever I am.
Book Sale
GQ and Runway Mag back issues and The Borrowers by Mary Norton

Ukay-ukay thrifted tops

Custom-made Tote Bag 
My friend Jini bought a brand-new sewing machine so what would a *good* friend do? I forced requested her to make me an apple-picking tote bag. Although I won't be picking apples in an orchard anytime soon, I'd be more than happy to lug it around when I go out.
custom-made tote bag

I'm now regretting a bit for not buying a wallet or bag with batik prints. Oh well.

I'm glad to be back in Cebu and to work. Okay, that's unlikely of me to say that but that's that!

- Roan