Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nail Color of the Week: Haley's Comet

I was in a not-so-pleasant mood the later part of the week because of some issue at work which made me want to shop-splurge and lust on expensive nail polishes. I went to Rustan's and held back a good amount of desire to get a bottle or two of those Orly's, OPI's and SPArituals.

I removed my deep purple nail color with this beige-pink one from The Face Shop which only lasted a day because it was horrible. I didn't like the color on me and I made some disastrous application. So I went to Hollywood Nails yesterday and had a proper manicure, my first proper manicure. Chose Hailey's Comet from ORLY Cosmic FX Collection.

ORLY Cosmic FX Haley's Comet

Orly Hailey's Comet

I love the aqua-blue-green thingamajig going on in it.

Orly Haley's Comet

Reminds me of under-the-sea and Christmas balls.

Orly Haley's Comet

I celebrated its awesomeness with Japanese food. I was so happy I wanted to do cartwheels except that I couldn't do cartwheels and was stuffing myself with yummy kaitai maguro sushi.

Comets on nails,