Tuesday, June 21, 2011


{thrifted shirt and cut-off shorts}

I dragged Ed at the movies last Wednesday because I feared that when Green Lantern gets shown the following day, Super 8 wouldn't be there anymore. Though he didn't quite show it, he was reluctant at first but good thing he enjoyed the movie. I wore pink and mint-green because I was feeling quite cheery.

In another story, I dealt with travel my entire 5 years and 10 months with my previous job but when it gets to planning my own vacation, I found it daunting and haggardful (not a proper word, I know) especially when I'm on a budget because I've still got some trips to do aside from it and you've got to budget wisely. Okay, that was a mouthful but what the hey. See, I am not best in wise and smart budgeting so these trips from July to September are just a challenge for me money-wise. It's more like "Would l I run out because I didn't properly foresee my expenses?" kind of worry.

Then two side trips came up which would definitely add injury to my already damaged wallet. But despite all these worries, I'm quite excited for these trips you know!