Friday, June 3, 2011

Slippers On

Cecile can Straten
Magic lollipops
cigarette lighter
Cecile van Straten of Chuvaness, Preview May 2011 issue - Magic lollipops - cigarette lighter (not mine)

Accompanied Ed to the doctor yesterday because he's been having whistling cough for days already. Got sermoned by the good doctor on his smoking, haha. Since I was on slippers (I refuse to call them flipflops), I took advantage of the long waiting time at the clinic by getting a pedicure at a salon next door. Then, I stuffed myself with pizza, mojos and oatmeal cookie a la mode at lunch.

{thrifted shirt and pants(?)}

My slippers look dirty and beaten, no? They weren't actually the ones I wore when I went out. And since I don't have great attention to detail, I didn't notice I was wearing my pambahay while taking these photos. When I did, I didn't care.