Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Date Arrangement

Before we headed to watch X-Men: First Class, Ed and I had lunch at Sunburst because it's for-this-date-it's-Sunburst-for-lunch day. We agreed to alternate Japanese food and Sunburst on our dates because I have to give him a chance. He likes his burgers, pizza and Sunburst chicken while I seem to have Asian food (Lemongrass, Japengo, Lemongrass, Teriyaki Boy...) on replay in my head.

So, last Saturday was Sunburst time and this is my Sunburst face...

...and this is my I-ate-too-much-rice-again face post-lunch:

{thrifted shirt dress and Parisian shoes}


Do you have where to eat out arrangements with your family, friends and special someones, too?