Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lemon Stripes

{thrifted top, Forever 21 skirt and Parisian shoes}

I found this striped top 2 weeks ago during my now-not-so-frequent thrift excursions. It's lemon-y color is so summer-y, makes me want to have another impulse trip to the beach and sip that refreshing kalamansi-and-lemongrass concoction from Sumilon or some watermelon shake.

Wore this to dinner at a food chain last Good Friday. A former officemate was also there so we shared a table. He asked me if I missed my previous job, and without a blink I said no. Told him I was already so distant and burned out while I was still there so leaving it wasn't difficult at all. I may be earning less now but I feel a lot less stressed.

On our way home, Ed and I stopped by at those stalls that sell pirated videos (don't shoot!). He bought I Am Number Four and 3 Idiots. The latter, which is an Indian movie, is heartwarming and so much fun! Meanwhile, I bought Fringe Season 1. I honestly didn't have an idea what this series is about until I popped it into the DVD player. And now I'm seriously addicted! Ah, I love sci-fi. Not finding Gossip Girl Season 3 was a blessing in disguise.

I've got so many insecurities now that I've gained so much weight. Then I'm kind of worried because I've got big travels planned for the 3rd quarter of the year which I really, really have to save up for. But, to quote 3 Idiots, aal izz well!

Lemony stripes and positivity,