Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sought and Found

Ohmylards, I'm just so happy I found these shoe stores at eBay. They sell adorable and super affordable footwear, I tell ya. You know, I'm such a cheapskate my heart breaks when I see a pair of shoes that I like but is more than, say, Php700. Yes I know right!?

So anyway I bought two pairs and swore to a shopping ban for 2 months.

blue denim and studs
soft faux fur

And look! Ed found this vintage film camera when he and his help were cleaning the spare connecting rooms earlier. It was such a delight!

Euroca film camera

I haven't heard of the brand until today. I searched Google about Euroca but found no substantial information about it. We'll have it checked soon to make sure it still works fine!

Have a great weekend! :)


Ann said...

wow, nice camera, ^^,even if it's not working, parang ang gandang pang-display, ^^

joninel said...

mice to know your blog :)