Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Forever21 Forever?

One of the reasons I was excited for our Manila trip was because I could finally take a peek (and probably buy a piece or two) at the much-talked-about high-street store that hit our shores, Forever 21. Weeks before it finally opened in SM Megamall and wishing I could be there at the opening, I logged on to their site (I checked the US one) to daydream on what I would be buying if luck strikes and stars aligned, I could be there.

I was curious of what this store has to offer. I knew of course I wouldn't find designer clothes, which I couldn't afford anyway but can definitely stare and dream at. Bloggers and online publications raved about the size of the store and vastness of their accessories collection. I'm not into accessories so much so I was interested if it really is overwhelming to shop at and if I could finally lay my hands on those floral lace-ups and chunky-heeled pumps I've been salivating over (figuratively of course).


So when I finally saw that yellow store front, I attempted to not quicken my pace and held back a wide grin to not look too eager. As I said I'm not an accessories person but I went straight ahead to that section (you will be greeted with it anyway) to calm my excitement. I pretended to look at necklaces and rings, browsing through them hurriedly and half-heartedly because well, I was just sucking it in - I'm finally here.

It was too big a deal for me to be there even when some may say "It's just Forever 21!". I was excited about the shoes so went immediately looked for the shoes section and I must admit, I was disappointed. Alright, there were a lot of party heels and floral wedges, cowboy and military boots, and some brogues but they didn't have the shoes I was looking for. The boyf and one of my friends who knew I'm into lace-ups pointed me to this brown oxfords that are classy wasn't quite my taste. I also saw in a video of someone from F21 saying whatever is in stock at their US stores is also definitely available here. Or probably some items are just available online? Oh well, probably I just had lofty expectations that what I saw in the US website would also be exactly on their Philippine shelves.


Out of frustration, I grabbed two cute socks instead. I still kept coming back to the shoes and bags section hoping I just overlooked styles that are in my book but later on I accepted defeat. So I moved on to their clothes. They have wide selections of styles and themes actually which I would agree to be exhilarating. I particularly liked their sportswear and nauticals. Their basics' quality is acceptable for their price, too. So anyway I bought a shirt, two pairs of socks and two skirts.

Despite my crushed hopes, I will still go back there given the opportunity to travel to Manila again (which has become yearly actually). I'll never know, maybe someday they'll blow me away.