Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blues and hearts

The Explosive Orange
The Explosive Orange
The Explosive Orange
Shirt - thrifted; Skirt - thrifted; Shoes - Maldita

I'm still so full from all the food I stuffed myself with this morning! My team had potluck and our office also provided food so it was rather a nauseating kind of fullness. I just hope my 2011 wouldn't mean I'd get larger than what I am now!

I wore this on Thursday, by the way. I think I'm in this wear-patterns-and-prints-that-don't-go-very-well-with-each-other phase. I mean, as I've said in my previous post, I'm not the type who wears something with so much going on in one outfit. I am however trying to be adventurous and experimenting these days so I just grab tops and skirts that I'm not sure would "work" together and try to be an eyesore in the office. Nobody has complained yet, though I've received numerous questions and comments about not seeing me in jeans anymore.

Happy New Year again everyone!


Meream said...

Your skirt is lovely! Doncha just love those electric pleated skirts? :)