Sunday, October 31, 2010

And then it goes back

Roan Manguera
Roan Manguera
Roan Manguera

Top - thrifted; Shorts - thrifted; Shoes - thrifted; Bag - thrifted; Watch - Tomato

I didn't expect The Social Network to be that funny. Sarcasm and witticisms (a word?) flew around, I loved it. And I gasp at how young they are and I don't even have my own savings account! *panics*

Prior to watching, I read somewhere that most of the movie is fiction so that kept me wondering how the real founders of Facebook really are. Nevertheless, whether they were portrayed accurately or not or the drama in the movie didn't actually happen no longer matter, I think. They're geniuses and have created something that transformed our whole social experience in this age of information and technology.

By the way, my favorite element of the film is the script. The dialogues are really intelligent and funny, and these are some of my favorite lines:
  • Erica Albright (to Mark Zuckerberg): “Dating you is like dating a stairmaster.”
  • Mark Zuckerberg: “If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.”
  • Sean Parker: We lived in farms, then we lived in cities, and now we're gonna live on the internet!
There was also a dialogue when Mark Zuckerberg compared Facebook to fashion much to Eduardo Saverin's bafflement. Mark said fashion never ends, so is Facebook.

Okay. This polka shorts debuted here just last week and you're seeing it again. Additionally, I think this top has also become all too familiar in this blog but it is currently one of my favorites and I tend to wear faves again and again. I just hope I don't overwear it. It's the first I wore it to the office though, and everyone thought I was a walking early Christmas gift. Neat.

Friday, October 29, 2010

I wanted dezzert but...

Have you tried Shakey's Jumbo Hero? It's... well, jumbo-sized. I was so surprised by its jumbo-ness I felt already full when I saw it.

The Explosive Orange

The Explosive Orange

I looked quite possessed.

I wanted to eat ice cream or sundae for dessert but after eating a slice of Jumbo Hero, I couldn't anymore. That sandwich is evil.

The Explosive Orange
The Explosive Orange
The Explosive Orange

Sweater - thrifted; Skirt - thrifted; Flats - Maldita; Purse - thrifted; Necklace - bazaar

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am what I own

I woke up uninspired to dress up today. Well, I'm not a very good dresser so it's really nothing much to miss though. I'm back for work too so that also explains. Anyway, I just thought of taking photos of some of my the things I own, which I hope would say something about who I am.

The Explosive Orange
Necklaces, etc. I am not a big accessorizer but I like a bit of them when I'm in the mood.

The Explosive Orange
Beary Bank. Yeah, old school way of saving up.

The Explosive Orange
Clothes. Because a person cannot leave his/her house without them, unless you're already out of your mind. By the way, they're all thrifted (well, at least those pictured).

The Explosive Orange
Tristan. This stuffed toy was a gift to me by then-not-yet-a-boyfriend Ed last year for my birthday. I named it after Trestan (changed the spelling a wee bit), an officemate who's funny, adorable and fat super healthy.

The Explosive Orange
Sneakers. My pink Chucks that I bought during Converse's Christmas sale.

The Explosive Orange
'Venezia' Notebook. I have lots of notebooks but this one's special because it features one of the places I dream of going (aah, someday!). This is sort of my 'dreams/inspirations/wanderlust' journal. It contains my bucket list!

The Explosive Orange
Books. I heart reading with a passion. However I'm not into chick literature and self-help/inspirational ones because, uhm I don't wanna be inspired? Haha. I dunno, I find them pretentious and 'unreal'. I like them less cheery, darker, depressing, reflective, existential... If I want to laugh, Douglas Adams and Woody Allen are my choices. If I want humor AND imagination, Neil Gaiman is my god. No Paulo Coehlo (his materials may be in the "reflective" category but he's "inspirational" to me) and Nicholas Sparks (though I heard that in almost all, if not all, of his endings have deaths or some sort of misfortune in them which may qualify as "depressing"), too. Aaand I even had this phase when I bought John Newbery-awardee books to spite the Twilight craze. PS - Those hardbound books aren't mine, i.e. The 8th Habit and The Purpose-Driven Life. Haha. PPS - These are just some of my books; I still have piles in balikbayan boxes. Amft.

Alright, it's me. Photo taken last Sunday. Top - thrifted; Shorts - cut-off thrifted jeans; Watch - SM

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I can't think of a title to sum 'this' all up

The other day I was listening to an 'N Sync Christmas song and I nearly cried. I remembered my mom and realized it would be our first Christmas without her. Since the time I moved out, I haven't spent my Christmases at home. She was the one who suggested that I don't come home on Christmas because we wouldn't be complete anyway - my father would go to his province and my siblings would prefer to stay in Davao. But on New Years, I should make sure to make it because we always celebrate New Years with the family complete. Even when I don't spend my Christmases at home but knowing she's still there, it's different when you know she's already gone.

I don't think I was even a good daughter to her. I even somehow hurt her months before she died, father told me. Am I harboring regret now? Probably slightly. I couldn't turn it all arouund anymore, I could no longer do better for her. But I'm trying to be good to my brothers and sisters, for her.

I miss her laughter. She had this hearty laugh even when I know she's somehow sad. She loved to go shopping and thrifting. She liked shoes, clothes and perfume. She loved travelling. So whenever I go thrifting (I do it now more often) or go somewhere nice and scenic, I always think of her - all the things that I buy and the places I go to that she would have loved are dedicated to her. And that's like everything and everywhere I purchase and go to!

I'll fly to Davao tomorrow for her '40 Days' (40th day from her death?). I'm familiar with this Catholic tradition but I don't completely understand it but anyway... They say it's something big and important. I hope I don't get too emotional.

Hey Momsie, please always be with me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dot dot dot


Long-sleeved top - thrifted, Polka dot shorts - thrifted, Oxfords - thrifted, Bag - thrifted, Belt - Robinson's dept. store

"I think I can but I don't want it now." This is what I said when Ed told me to apply for this position. It's tempting, very tempting but I don't want money to be my motivation. Ed would say "No, not the money. Should be the things you could do or buy with the money." Yeah... I know. But you see I don't want to go out there half-hearted. Probably I just don't have confidence that I could do it. I squirm at the thought of the interview because I don't want to mess up and BECAUSE THE PEOPLE INTERVIEWING ME ARE MY FRIENDS AND FORMER HOUSEMATES.

Okay, bottom line is I'm not confident and am unsure. That's okay right? I have an idea what they do (the boyfriend is one of 'them'), it's just that.. argh, I don't want to do it now!

Anyway, another friend is applying so I'll root for her!

Okay those tubes and laundry clips in the 3rd photo aren't appealing. At all. Haha.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Red stripes

Roan Manguera
Roan Manguera
Roan Manguera
Roan Manguera
Roan Manguera

Top - thrifted; Jeans- Penshoppe; Sneakers - Reva; Bag - thrifted; Watch - Tomato/boyfriend's; Ring - bazaar

When I ask the boyfriend to take my photo, he just doesn't follow my instructions. Therefore, 95% of his shots are unsatisfactory to me. Hahaha. I tell him that when he takes my photo, he shouldn't emphasize my unflattering assets, one of them is my thighs. But earlier when I saw some of his shots, my thighs were like the effing subject!

Him: So you think you're a better photographer?
Me: YES, OF COURSE! (Such claim is completely biased of course but I'm no good photographer either.)

I always tell it's not about the equipment, it's in the 'eye'. Hahaha I love him :)

I seriously need to buy a tripod though...

The striped shift I'm wearing is thick cotton which is perfect for the cold weather. The shoulder bag is one of my two bag finds which I bought for Php50 each when I had my Colon 'adventure' a week ago. I bought the ring last Sunday from some accessories bazaar at Ayala Center.

It's still raining in Cebu, though not torrential. I'm not complaining at all. This morning when Ed and I came out of the office building for breakfast, I saw one of the most beautiful sunshines - the sky is still downcast and rain had just stopped but the morning sun is peeping, casting soft golden light. In the other side of the world, it's fall/autumn but in this side of the planet where I live in, it's the closest that I can get to an autumn morning.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Runway Looks: Haider Ackermann

Haider Ackermann Spring 2011
Haider Ackermann
Haider Ackermann
Haider Ackermann
*Photos from
Powerful and rock-and-roll!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spaceships and buttons

Ed the blurry version, PC games, artificial yellow roses, Android robot from a Samsung store, popcorn, fries, movie schedules

Ed and I went to see The Other Guys today. Now I don't care if thousands liked Eat Pray Love but I enjoyed The Other Guys more than the Julia Roberts flick. Don't get me wrong, I love Ms. Roberts and I greatly enjoyed the Italy chapter of the movie (just because I taught myself Italian when I was in college and am dreaming of going to the country). But, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are just downright brilliant and hilarious in The Other Guys. And yes, I have a bit of a crush on Mr. Wahlberg.

In another news, I was really bummed out when I was told the roadtrip to South Cebu that we scheduled for today with some agents would not push through. I understand the weather right now sucks but it didn't rain the entire day, did it? I had this feeling Someone convinced them to not push it through and go somewhere instead because Someone couldn't come with us due to time constraints and doesn't want to get left behind. So somehow Someone managed to convince the agents using the weather excuse to just go to this place where it would be convenient for Someone to come along. I don't want to speak ill because Someone is a friend but this person can really be selfish and pushy. Sigh. Okay enough of that.

The top I'm wearing has a blue version. I am tempted to buy it. But it may no longer be in the racks once I go back to my favorite thrift shop. And oh, I should learn to tuck my stomach in! Hahaha.


Top - thrifted; Shorts - thrifted/cut-off jeans; Necklaces - bazaar; Watch - Tomato/boyfriend's; Sneakers - Marithe + Francois Girbaud

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ribbon schwibbons

Forgive the face, I was somewhat pissed when I took this photo and tried to shake the mood off by leaning from left to right thus the blurry images. I like how it turned out though.

Alright, the blazer. It is actually a blouse used as a cover-up. It's my mum's. So yes, I am wearing a dead person's clothing.

I got this when I went home for her wake and funeral. It was idle time and I wanted to read a book. I was looking for my books at an old closet when I saw this treasure and right then and there, I knew I'd have to have it. It looks vintage-y (shoulder pads!) and has a lot of ribbon prints. I don't have ribbon fetish but I find them adorable.

I think Mum wanted me to have it. I don't know... I just have a feeling. If I'm feeling sentimental, missing my mother and all, probably I'd wear this to have something of her on me.

Corduroy dress - Mango; Blouse (used as blazer) - Nina Ricci; Oxfords - thrifted; Bag - thrifted; Watch - Fossil; Belt - Robinson's dept. store


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Momsie*, I forgot to wear pants!

I heart this shirt dress which I bought a week ago because it's soft, breezy and floral. I'm gravitating towards florals these days, I don't know why. I get giddy and starry-eyed when I see floral skirts, dresses, shorts, shoes, bags... Kulang na lang tubuan ako ng bulaklak sa ilong hahaha. Okay, that was corny.

Anyway so I thought my outfit was perfect until I arrived at the office. I felt something's missing. Then at lunch, my senior manager told me "Sana kung nagshirt, magpants di ba?" Then he and another manager suggested I could wear it with a petticoat or something to add volume. I'm used to them making fun of me but I also love them when they try to doll me up. When we were still housemates, they liked experimenting on my look. They were the ones who encouraged me to wear bangs and perm my hair. They were also my parloristas. And yes, they're gay.

So yeah, maybe I should've worn jeans or leggings but I wanted to feel dress-y so I didn't. I have the most awful pair of legs too (I have insent bite scars, in other words 'may chismis sa legs') and for a moment I thought I looked horrible so probably it was really a questionable idea. You see I don't have an "eye" for what's fashionable or sometimes what looks good or bad on me. I am still experimenting so making mistakes is acceptable, is it not? :)

Shirt dress - thrifted; Belt - Robinson's dept. store; Oxfords - thrifted; Bag - thrifted; Watch - Fossil

*We call our mom Momsie. Motherdear, I miss you so much. I bet you're happy and at peace in heaven!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rain, bananas and getting lost

(I edited the last photo a bit because ze original lighting was bad)

Top - thrifted; Skirt - thrifted; Shoes - Maldita; Bag - thrifted; Watch - Kenneth Cole; Necklace - bazaar

01. It's raining again in Cebu! I love rain. Most people don't like rain because it is associated to sadness and it can be a bummer when you need to run an errand or go somewhere like the beach and it suddenly pours... But for emo kids like me, I heart rain. It's like the heavens want to tell you a million stories through the raindrops. When it's raining, I like eating ice cream or drowning meself with bedsheets. It's also perfect excuse to be late because I don't have an umbrella and don't like bringing one! (In the photos though, I'm using one because the boyfriend would kill me. I get flu easily.) The only time I get bummed w/ rain is when I do my laundry because I love sunshine on my clothes!

02. Ninety percent of what I ate today had something to do with bananas. For breakfast I had bangus (milkfish y'all) and banana split. For lunch I had banana-que, a slice of banana cake and 2 bananas (the fruit). I didn't realize it until Ed pointed it out to which I replied "Oh, banana much?"

03. Yesterday I went to Carbon Market to try my luck scouring for accessories. Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream swears by the treasures she's been finding there and I want to be lucky, too. Thing is I don't actually know exactly where I can find these stores haha! So I think I was going on circles praying I could spot them. Unfortunately I didn't so I gave up (it was also hot and humid). It was my first time going on an "adventure" at Colon/Carbon plus I'm not familiar with the streets there and I'm a bad commuter, so I got lost. Knowing me, I could've flagged a taxi to make my life less miserable with all the heat and walking. However I was determined to continue my "adventure". Apparently getting lost in that area is a blessing in disguise because I found the thrift store where I eventually bought these two shoulder bangs for Php50 ($1) each:

It's serendipity! So I was happy with my purchase and continued looking for the right street to flag a jeepney on then found myself already at Elizabeth Mall. I was like "Whoa, how did I get here?!" From EMall I also figured out how to get home.

I shared this to my friend who's in Davao City and she said "It's like you just got there yesterday when you've been living in Cebu for 3 years!" :D