Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Year Ago I: Magic Happens

Enchanted Kingdom
December 2009
With Ed's family (brother, sister, niece, and sister-in-law)

The Explosive Orange
The Explosive Orange
The Explosive Orange
The Explosive Orange

1-2 hours : 3 minutes. That's the ratio of wait time to the actual ride. The queue was like 10 anacondas long, coiled and sweaty. Okay, I don't know how long an anaconda is or if they even sweat but you get the point. It was fun, though!

Hmm, I'm thinking of letting my hair grow long and having it permed again.

P.S. I just dabbed (no, applied) isopropyl alcohol on my face!!! Effing alcohol sitting beside the toner! =))


ching said...

omg..haha alcohol on the face? you'd be super clean!!:D

Roan said...

@Ching: Yeah, I hope it does good on killing pimple bacteria! Hahahaha!

Reg said...

EK!! i haven't been there in the longest time.. great photo memories you have here :)


Meream said...

Oh no, hope your face is okay!

PS - Merry Christmas! :)