Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tuesday + Friday photos

TUESDAY: Ed's older sister came home from Manila to take a short break from all her haggard work as an HR manager. We had a lunch date with her at Lemon Grass then had dessert at Cyma.

Flower center piece
Bag hook
Bagoong rice
Pau Xao Chay
Pad Thai
Spare ribs

Cebuanos, I swear by my chubby cheeks, Cyma's Skolatina is heavenly. Even if you don't have sweet tooth, this is a must-try. Skolatina is like brownie a la mode - it has scoops of vanila ice cream, melted caramel, brownie (with delightful hot fudge inside) and powdered sugar. I've only had it twice but I swear it make think of lazy Sunday afternoons, my mother's hearty laughter, the smell of old and new books, listening to Up Dharma Down and good ol' Barbie's Cradle, playing and dancing in the rain, my first long-stemmed rose... Happiness!

Okay I'm not good at descriptions and adjectives but please try it if you haven't already! And oh please enjoy it with friends (it's already good for 3 people); I swear you wouldn't finish it all alone! (No, this isn't a paid advertisement. Hah.)


FRIDAY: Malling + lunch at Cabalen with friends. Heavens, please let me befriend Portion Control because I'm already bursting.

Inside July clothing store
Fangirl mode!
R, Rob and Jade
Ze boyfriend
Cabalen's buffet
Cabalen's ceiling
Radisson Hotel

All photos, except Tuesday photos 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9, were taken by me.


Meream said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Made my day. And yes, Neil Gaiman is LOVE. We don't have his Sandman series in hard copy because we downloaded them. Haha! But yeah, the series is awesome.

Following you now! :)