Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ed and I tried out this relatively new Thai restaurant at The Walk called Blue Elephant earlier. I think their interior and menu aren't astonishingly awesome but their service is great, which is the most important and what generates repeat customers. We had shanghai rolls, calamares, chicken curry and chicken w/ broccoli. The usual. We aren't that adventurous when it comes to food, really.

The Explosive Orange
^Blue Elephant's counter

The Explosive Orange
^Look up at the ceiling at you'll see this. :)

The Explosive Orange

The Explosive Orange
^Chicken curry

The Explosive Orange
^Chicken w/ broccoli

The Explosive Orange
^Shanghai rolls

We also had our Halloween costume/theme day at the office today, that's why I wore my criss-cross (gladiator?) sandals. The theme was 'Hollywood Movies' and our costume requires us to wear sandals so please forgive my choice of footwear. I'll post photos when I've grabbed them from ze officemates. :)

So here's what I wore...

Roan Manguera
Roan Manguera
Roan Manguera

Dress (used as top) - Redhead; Skirt - thrifted; Bag - thrifted; Sandals - WAGW; Belt - boyfriend's


Eden said...

hay, taas pa naman kaayo akong greply ug sa dhang nirefresh akong internet! agh! kalagot! haha.:) anyway roan, your comment is much appreciated! karon pako balik ug blog actually and i'm happy to discover a new face like you and from Cebu pa jd:) btw, hope you could join us, a few bloggers and i are in talks to make a Cebu blogger group or something:)

btw about the dog, i'm sure your bf might cave in in the future and agree:) bt i must say, di jud sayon ang responsibility, ang gasto... but worth it man pud iya company:)

btw will be adding you to my blogroll+follow you as well:)


Roan said...

Hullo Eden! Hala maikog man sad ko haha. If that's a Cebu fashion bloggers group, maulaw ko kay I don't think I'm fashionable! I'm so buki, I swear haha.