Monday, September 13, 2010

Flower power

As mentioned in the previous post, we had a mini-photo shoot. The amateur kind :D Therefore, we didn't have stylists, hair and make-up, PAs and all that jazz. We did it just for fun and well, probably for Macky and Dell, additional photos for their portfolio. Har.

Pat was the main model. But I served as the 'in-between takes' model during his outfit changes so you'll notice in the photos below that the my camera's still strapped to my neck or I'm holding it, etc. Hee. Gedemmit, I'm so fat! :(

(Photography and post-processing by Macky Carcedo and Wendell Good)

^The sunnies are sort Haha.

^Trying the 'Did I step on dog poo?" pose. XD

Top - thrifted; Bottom - thrifted Bossini jeans (cut-off); Belt - boyfriend's; Necklace - Maze; Shoes - Reva; Watch - Fossil

I ran out of shorts to wear so I just cut-off the pair of jeans that has been lying on our couch for days the last minute. I used a some sort of medical scissor haha. Then, I grabbed one of Ed's belts again. And lastly, my top that registers 'lola' or 'mudra' is love! :D