Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the end, it doesn't even matter.

Top - thrifted; Skirt - SM Dept. Store; Shoes - Converse; Watch - Tomato

Stay home, read, watch TV & DVDs, scour thrift stores, wander, surf the interwebs all day long, dance in the rain, buy balloons, eat ice cream... This is the life I want to lead these days. I think I'm already burned out and bored at work. I think I've already developed this "bahala na/I don't care anymore" attitude. It's bad, I know. Someone talk me out of this, please?!?

The boyfriend is one of our managers and I envy his dedication, focus and work ethic. I want them to rub on me! :(

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to reality

Top - People are People; Jeans - Human; Cover-up - thrifted Banana Republic; Shoes - Converse

I came back to work today from my bereavement leave. I was (still am) so not in the mood to work yet. As if I have a choice haha. My braincells agreed with me, they thought they're on some kind of vacation and lying on a hammock or something. My mailbox was bursting - I had 2500+ of unread emails so I wondered how many they actually were had I not deleted some of them during my absence. And there was so much to do! Well guess what, I didn't even try hard to be productive. Gaaah.

P.S. I really need some accessories in my life. Aaand it seems the subject isn't really me, it's that water pump/wheel thing.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The sky, the flora

Morning walk again (5:00am - 6:00am).



*Shot using Canon G11

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smile though your heart is aching

Caveat: I look haggard.

Top - thrifted; Bottom - Metro Ayala Dept. Store; Necklace - Maze Ayala; Footwear - WAGW

Alright. I was gone a long time and without a warning. But not without a valid reason...

My mother had a stroke and eventually passed away.

I was scheduled to leave for Davao Thursday of last last week but my father begged me to come over as soon as possible because the doctor said they could no longer tell how long my mother would last. So I immediately packed and left a day earlier, Wednesday. I was a chance passenger and my ticket cost 3-4 roundtrip Cebu Pacific promo fares. But I just had to do it.

Mother had cerebral hemorrhage and cardiovascular arrest. Her officemates later told us mother complained about muscleache and numbness. One even observed mother had some sort of blue blotches on her arms. Father also said mother wasn't religiously taking her medications.

From the airport, I went straight to the hospital's ICU. The sight of her was heartbreaking. I told her to get well because I still have to bring her to Cebu. I thought she could still hear me. Father later on told me she's already braindead and is being kept "alive" by respirators.

Since mother was already technically dead, we had to let her go. Waivers were signed and buckets were filled with tears and sorrow.

The days that followed were crazy. We were busy arranging for the funeral, burial, etc. Mother's (and father's) friends, relatives, neighbors, and officemates came over which required me to be sociable, and I'm not ever sociable with people I don't know and am not comfortable with. I also personally decided not to get overly emotional because I thought I had to. The boyfriend also flew over from Cebu to be with me which I deeply appreciated.

Then my father and I had a misunderstanding and talked out some issues. (long story)

So after a week and a half, I'm back. The boyfriend and I decided to watch 'Tekken' and eat popcorn.

Goodbye Momsie. Be happy wherever you are now, just like what you always wanted. I love you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bad, sad news

Shirt - Artwork; Blazer - thrifted; Skirt - thrifted; Footwear - What A Girl Wants; Watch - SM dept. store; Belt - boyfriend's

Hearing a very bad and sad news about your loved one could really emotionally drain you and leave you devastated. Upon hearing about it yesterday, I felt lost and helpless. See, I'm not an optimistic person but I must be in these trying times. I am the weakest person I know but there's no way to face this but head on. I just hope everything will turn out fine.

I just wanted to wear something casual and boring because I was feeling so not up to it but I also wanted something colorful to contrast my mood. So there goes what I wore today.

If life hands you shite, then make an effin' septic tank!

P.S. Wow, I look cheery in these photos. And as usual, fat.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Flower power

As mentioned in the previous post, we had a mini-photo shoot. The amateur kind :D Therefore, we didn't have stylists, hair and make-up, PAs and all that jazz. We did it just for fun and well, probably for Macky and Dell, additional photos for their portfolio. Har.

Pat was the main model. But I served as the 'in-between takes' model during his outfit changes so you'll notice in the photos below that the my camera's still strapped to my neck or I'm holding it, etc. Hee. Gedemmit, I'm so fat! :(

(Photography and post-processing by Macky Carcedo and Wendell Good)

^The sunnies are sort Haha.

^Trying the 'Did I step on dog poo?" pose. XD

Top - thrifted; Bottom - thrifted Bossini jeans (cut-off); Belt - boyfriend's; Necklace - Maze; Shoes - Reva; Watch - Fossil

I ran out of shorts to wear so I just cut-off the pair of jeans that has been lying on our couch for days the last minute. I used a some sort of medical scissor haha. Then, I grabbed one of Ed's belts again. And lastly, my top that registers 'lola' or 'mudra' is love! :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Black and White

Macky, Dell and I had a mini-photo shoot yesterday. Pat was our model. I actually wasn't 'part' of the plan (Macky and Dell have been having weekly photo shoots), I just joined the last minute because I didn't have anything to do after work (start of rest days!) and I want to take photos. I went home first and changed clothes because it was a hot Saturday afternoon and a black dress-jean jacket-wedges combo isn't hot afternoon-friendly. Haha.

I decided to shoot in B&W just to try something different from what I'm used to. I'm a newbie to this so some may not have turned out right :D

(Photos taken using Canon G11)

And here are some behind-the-scenes:

Have a great Sunday everyone! :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little hearts

Shirt - thrifted; Pants - Human; Cover-up - SM Dept. Store; Shoes - Reva; Necklace - Maze; Watch - Fossil

I love this shirt. I got this from a thrift store and I've worn this probably 5 times already though I only bought this not too long ago. I find it adorable because of its colorful and cute print.

I'm not sure if I'm already turning this into a fashion blog. I would love to but I am far too ignorant about fashion and style. But I've been in a funk for months now and something inside me really tells me to do something creative, exciting and challenging. I also want to revive my blogging. I love clothes but I guess I'm just financially constricted to really indulge in them (and I guess I prioritize buying books and CDs more heehee) and I am too faint-hearted to go out there and take fashion and style risks.

I am too insecure with how I look too, especially now that I've gotten bigger. Yeah, I was really slim before but thanks to lifestyle change, I've accumulated fat throughout the years. So now I'm trying to be healthy and slim down again.

Fashion bloggers are very inspiring and their creativity and sense of individuality challenge me dance on the edge and color outside the line.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grey star

what i wore


Dress - thrifted; Watch - SM Dept. Store; Necklace - Maze Ayala; Shoes - Puma

I can't believe I forgot that today's the boyfriend and I's 13th month! Didn't remember it until he greeted me at around quarter to 4am. We were both at work (we're uhm...officemates) and I wasn't particularly busy. Anyway so I said my apologies and greeted him back.

We had lunch at Casa Verde. He had chicken fingers, mine was country chicken salad. What's up with chicken? Anyway, we also had this small-sized pizza with beef (?), mushrooms and cheese on it - forgot what it's called. I was so full that on our way home all I could say was "I'm so full". Well, yeah.

By the way, this dress has some sort of Mental vibe to it. Mental is new clothing brand here that are structurally deconstructed. Er.. dunno some fashion terms, sorry. It has this overlap where I like to hide my arms so as you can see on the first photo, my left arm's out of sight.

Monday, September 6, 2010


top - thrifted
skirt - thrifted
wedges - Artwork
bag - SM dept. store