Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HHN again.

My Avalon shampoo and Human♥Nature Nourishing Peppermint conditioner have run out so I was excited to buy new ones. Emailed Ate Xenia to order Human♥Nature products...again. Went to the mall to buy some soaps and fragrance, too.

Here were my purchases:

^(clockwise) HHN night moisturizer, HHN Avocado & Seaweed moisturizing shampoo, HHN Aloe Vera, Egg White & Mandarin shampoo/body wash, Marks & Spencer body spray, HHN hand and foot salve, (top) All-Organics Choco Mint soap, (bottom) Somera Kojic Acid soap

I've become a loyal patron of HumanHeartNature haha. I'm thinking of becoming a dealer, too. :) I believe in their cause and would love take part in it. See, I'm trying to practice green and sustainable living. Har. (Oops, that Marks & Spencer body spray clearly isn't eco-friendly. Oh, well.)

Anyway, that's all for now folks. Kaboom!