Sunday, August 22, 2010

So here goes...

Okay so I have not been posting a lot lately. My last post was like... 465 years ago. Boo. But anyway, the boyfriend and I went on a weekend getaway to Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort for our anniversary (1st year! haha) two weeks ago. I had flu then but because of Bioflu, fresh air, and fruits I got well quickly. Yey!

We've been wanting to go there since last year but the boyfriend decided it would be best to go there on our anniversary so we'd have more time to save for it haha. We went trekking, snorkeling, and kayaking. Their food was looove and staff were very friendly and courteous!

That night the theme was Barrio Fiesta (they have different themes every night) so there were a lot of Pinoy food. I couldn't get enough of the seafood! They also had a mini-presentation. Some of the staff sung OPM and danced Pinoy folk dances.

I wanna go back there soon. 11k was so worth it! :D

Here are some photos:

^Eviane (she met us when we arrived) dancing the tinikling.

^Below is the lagoon where visitors can kayak and fish-feed.

^Playing with some talisay leaves. I look funny.

Please click on the link above for the resort's official website. And no, this is not a paid advertisement! Haha.

That's it for now, folk. Kaboom!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HHN again.

My Avalon shampoo and Human♥Nature Nourishing Peppermint conditioner have run out so I was excited to buy new ones. Emailed Ate Xenia to order Human♥Nature products...again. Went to the mall to buy some soaps and fragrance, too.

Here were my purchases:

^(clockwise) HHN night moisturizer, HHN Avocado & Seaweed moisturizing shampoo, HHN Aloe Vera, Egg White & Mandarin shampoo/body wash, Marks & Spencer body spray, HHN hand and foot salve, (top) All-Organics Choco Mint soap, (bottom) Somera Kojic Acid soap

I've become a loyal patron of HumanHeartNature haha. I'm thinking of becoming a dealer, too. :) I believe in their cause and would love take part in it. See, I'm trying to practice green and sustainable living. Har. (Oops, that Marks & Spencer body spray clearly isn't eco-friendly. Oh, well.)

Anyway, that's all for now folks. Kaboom!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Halukay, baby.

Yesterday was Ukay-ukay Day.

I love going to ukay-ukay. Aside from it's incredibly cheap, it's a treasure hunt. The moments of 'Aha!' and Ohmygod-I-gotta-have-its are just so thrilling.

We (my agents Des & Cas and I) have planned to go on a thrifting escapade by end of July since last month. They got recently promoted and their salary adjustment took effect yesterday so they have extra moolah to burn haha.

As expected, there was so much to choose from. When we got there, I got so preoccupied finding the perfect shorts for men for the boyfriend. He has actually been requesting me to buy him shorts whenever I go thrifting but I always come home empty-handed for him. Oops... yeah. So I bought 2 shorts for him. I think one of them was Old Navy. Neat... Also bought 2 shirts for him so I'd exceed his expectations haha.

I think the highlight of our thrifting escapade was when Kuya Vendor made us 'tawad' some blouses for 50php in front of other customers who paid either 60php or 65php for theirs. The woman who paid ahead of us was so sour about it. Hahaha.

We left Carbon at around noon after having lunch at Jollibee. Heehee. But I did not immediately go home. I still tried my luck at my most frequented ukay-ukay store in front of Robinson's. They have new arrivals so they have a lot of items on sale. I only scoured on the 3-for-100 racks. Har.

And oooh! I saw a Jean-Paul Gaultier leather shoulder bag!!! It was originally priced at 550php and it's on 20% discount. It's still in good condition and I'm pretty confident it's original. I was sooo tempted to buy it but I didn't want to blow my budget (yes, I'm very kuripot) so no Jean-Paul Gaultier for me. Sigh.

So here are my ukay finds:

^This shirt is cuteness.

^The black shirt dress is Banana Republic!

^Ze prints are cherries. I'll have this shortened. Need to find a mananahi in the nieghboorhood first until I could buy my own sewing machine and learn to sew. :)

More ukay-ukay finds soon!