Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Uh oh!

I'm not a good blogger, I know.

Okay. 'Twas my burfday last week and I didn't really celebrate it. Not a fan of celebrations. Dunno, I'm not a good host really. But Ed and I had dinner at The Gustavian and ice cream at Gelatissimo, both in Ayala Center Cebu. Original plan was we'd go to The Wineshop afterwards but I got lazy (as usual) and wanted to sleep early.

So this was what I ate. I forgot the name but I remember it was some kind of fish :D

This was Ed's hearty dinner. It was salmon, I think.

We had Caesar's salad (my fave) before the main course but I didn't have a decent photo of it without me so... not posting! :))

Anyway, I'm so gonna be back at The Gustavian because me hearts the service :)

Ed and I were so full after dinner I actually felt dizzy and he had to smoke (well, he always does after a anyway...) I needed something to counter all the butter and oil and salt so I thought eating lemon-flavored ice cream would do it. I was glad I did. By the way, we also didn't have a good photo of our ice cream because Ed had somewhat a difficult time with my camera. The result was undesirable so not posting again!

Almost the entire time we were eating ice cream was spent salivating over this:

It was towering and Ate spent a considerable amount of time on it. It was like endless scoops of ice cream! *drool*

I'd love to have that soon with my agents!

Okay, 'til next time. Remember to eat your veggies! :D