Saturday, July 3, 2010

My hands smell like banana.

There's nothing much to do today at the office. The perks when you have independent and dependable executives haha! So I get surf all I want. Woot. Sshh!

Anyhoo I'm excited for later. Up Dharma Down will be at the Puma Store, Ayala Center Cebu. Yay! It was a year ago when I watched them play live. 'Twas at Ayala's activity center when they were promoting their second album and its second single 'Sana' was out. The next time they came here was at Handuraw but I didn't go because I was having a bad mood that time. I think the boyfriend and I had a some sorta fight. Anywaaays.

So there. I hope I wouldn't get to shy so I could take good photos of 'em.

By the way, I went to an ukay-ukay store yestuhday and it was awesome! I was in the mood for treasure hunting and I wanted to grab some new clothes (though they aren't exactly new) without having to spend much. I've gotten really chubby (okaaay, FAT) that some of my clothes don't look good on me anymore. But I'm trying to slim down now with diet and exercise and whatevs so yeah...

Anyway I bought 8 for 400php so that's 50php each. And they're in very good condition! I just hope they'll look good on me haha! *Bleh*

Photos later!

P.S. Me hands smell yummy.