Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Them pretty flowers

I had a morning walk with the sole purpose of taking photos of these pretty flowers in the neighborhood. Pardon mine photography, I'm no expert. Thankyouverymuch.

Will upload more soon. Sleepy...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yes, I'm phat!

I want to be a supermodel but I don't have the attitude and genes for it so I just find the right angle that I look good on! Haha.

Finally of course, the jump shot:

Shirt - thrifted
Pants - Human
Dirty shoes - Converse
Bag - SM Dept. Store
Watch - SM Dept. Store (again)

I'm huuuge and I hate my hair! :))


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Uh oh!

I'm not a good blogger, I know.

Okay. 'Twas my burfday last week and I didn't really celebrate it. Not a fan of celebrations. Dunno, I'm not a good host really. But Ed and I had dinner at The Gustavian and ice cream at Gelatissimo, both in Ayala Center Cebu. Original plan was we'd go to The Wineshop afterwards but I got lazy (as usual) and wanted to sleep early.

So this was what I ate. I forgot the name but I remember it was some kind of fish :D

This was Ed's hearty dinner. It was salmon, I think.

We had Caesar's salad (my fave) before the main course but I didn't have a decent photo of it without me so... not posting! :))

Anyway, I'm so gonna be back at The Gustavian because me hearts the service :)

Ed and I were so full after dinner I actually felt dizzy and he had to smoke (well, he always does after a meal...so anyway...) I needed something to counter all the butter and oil and salt so I thought eating lemon-flavored ice cream would do it. I was glad I did. By the way, we also didn't have a good photo of our ice cream because Ed had somewhat a difficult time with my camera. The result was undesirable so not posting again!

Almost the entire time we were eating ice cream was spent salivating over this:

It was towering and Ate spent a considerable amount of time on it. It was like endless scoops of ice cream! *drool*

I'd love to have that soon with my agents!

Okay, 'til next time. Remember to eat your veggies! :D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Dear Whoever-Could-Make-My-Wish-Come-True,


Glitter Ankle and Flower Lace-up Bootsesss!

Ugh. Forever 21's not yet in Cebu but I don't want to make an online purchase. So I'm like wanting to fly to Manila just to get hold of them haha!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Art of Shoegazing.

So I watched Sleepwalk Circus and UpdharmaDown last night for Puma's Archive Uncovered at the Ayala Center Cebu. Ze boyfriend and I were already there 5:30 p.m. and the show started at least 6:30 I guess so it was rather a bummer. But when the show started, yay!

First time to hear Sleepwalk. Their bassist reminds me of a calm and sober Karen O. Yeah. The emcee said they describe their music as shoegazing. Wow I like that! XD

When it was time for UDD, everyone was already more hyped up. They played 5 songs, I guess (yes, I didn't count).

Circus time!

Dharma time!

I didn't get them posters. Lame. But it was funnn anyways! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Okay. Ed's team (the morning supervisors) had an after-shift bonding yestuhday. I was there by default because I was ze manager's girlfriend. Well, the perks. So we went to Bistro Ecila at The Terraces, Ayala. It's that spiffy restaurant between Casa Verde and Bigby's.

Anyhoo, here goes the yummm parade:

Me loves the sole fish in herb sauce! ♥

If you haven't been there or if you're coming by Cebu, visit Bistro Ecila! (Wow, free advertisement.)

Okay, I'll sign out fer now...

Later refrigerator.


My hands smell like banana.

There's nothing much to do today at the office. The perks when you have independent and dependable executives haha! So I get surf all I want. Woot. Sshh!

Anyhoo I'm excited for later. Up Dharma Down will be at the Puma Store, Ayala Center Cebu. Yay! It was a year ago when I watched them play live. 'Twas at Ayala's activity center when they were promoting their second album and its second single 'Sana' was out. The next time they came here was at Handuraw but I didn't go because I was having a bad mood that time. I think the boyfriend and I had a some sorta fight. Anywaaays.

So there. I hope I wouldn't get to shy so I could take good photos of 'em.

By the way, I went to an ukay-ukay store yestuhday and it was awesome! I was in the mood for treasure hunting and I wanted to grab some new clothes (though they aren't exactly new) without having to spend much. I've gotten really chubby (okaaay, FAT) that some of my clothes don't look good on me anymore. But I'm trying to slim down now with diet and exercise and whatevs so yeah...

Anyway I bought 8 for 400php so that's 50php each. And they're in very good condition! I just hope they'll look good on me haha! *Bleh*

Photos later!

P.S. Me hands smell yummy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Loving HHN

Let's take care of our body and support local growers by using Human♥Nature products! I do! :)

So far, these are my purchases (clockwise):

- Tomato & Lemongrass facial wash
- Avocado & Gugo Bark hair mask
- Peppermint & Mango Butter organic conditioner
- Aloe Vera & Chamomile feminine wash
- Lip Saver's Kit [watermelon, peppermint (gave this to a friend), mandarin]
- Virgin Coconut Oil & Eucalyptus shaving oil [for Ed :)]

My Avalon Ylang-ylang Glistening shampoo is still half-empty so I guess I have to wait max of 1 month to buy an HHN shampoo.

So far, they're working for me. :)

A Fine Frenzy's Bomb in a Birdcage

This is Alison Sudol, professionally known as A Fine Frenzy. And this is the cover of her 2nd album, Bomb in a Birdcage.

I fell in love with some of her songs from her first outing, A Cell in the Sea, especially Almost Lover. I like piano-wielding musicians, see. I am yet to buy her 1st album though.

I played this CD as soon as I got home (bought it yesterday). Her songs now are more upbeat but still eloquent. I like Electric Twist, Happier, Swan Song and The World Without.

She looks like Angelina Jolie here. Hmmm.

Yet again.

This is my 4th blog.

The 1st one, Julystorm, is a personal blog that has been running for about 5 years. The 2nd one at Tumblr contains mainly of randomness. My 3rd, theselittlehurricanes, is a photoblog which I plan to really maintain.

So why add another? Because I want to explore my pleasures and share it. I thought I could just put incorporate them in Julystorm but I don't want to make a sudden gear shift. Julystorm has been all about me and my personal struggles and joys and I want to keep it that way.

This blog will be about things/happenings that bring me excitement, joy, happiness. Simple bliss in my mediocre life.

I named in The Explosive Orange because I couldn't think of anything better and hey, I like orange (fruit and color)!

Kaboom! :)